Why should you use Natural Skincare Products?

Why should you use Natural Skincare Products?

People used to think that natural skin care products are not as good as the chemical-based skin products in the market. But we have come a long way since then as the demand for natural skincare products is growing bigger with every passing day. Now people are becoming more aware of the health benefits and superiority of natural products. They prefer these products over conventional and synthetic products. The significant advantage of using these products is that they do not have any side effects. That is why people are willing to spend more on natural products.

The market for organic and 100% natural products has become huge in recent years. Now a considerable amount of money being spent on the research of these products to make them safer and better. There is no doubt that the chemical-based product industry is still enormous as compared to the natural products market. But no matter how advanced we become, natural ingredients are still the basis of our products. We cannot make the right skincare product without using plant ingredients in it. 

Organic and natural products are more expensive than conventional products, but people are ready to pay for them. They want a product which they can use without worrying about its side effects. People want peace of mind, which is only possible by shifting to the natural skincare regime. There are many reasons and benefits of supporting natural skincare products.

Benefits of Natural Skincare Products

These are some of the reasons to shift to natural skincare products.

  1. Safer to Use: As compared to conventional products, natural products are much more reliable. The reason is the use of organic and plant ingredients which are skin-friendly. The lotion or cream that we apply to the skin does not just stay on the surface, but it is absorbed into the skin and slowly gets into the bloodstream. So, if the ingredients are harmful chemicals, then they will have adverse effects on your health in the long term.
  2. Easier on skin: The natural skincare products are free from any irritants and allergens. This makes them easier on the skin. On the other hand, the synthetic products contain sulphates, parabens, artificial dyes, glycol, petrochemicals and many other harmful chemicals. According to an estimate, women typically put more than 150 chemicals into the body for skincare. These chemicals may make you look better temporarily, but in the long run, they cause wrinkles, dryness, acne, itchiness and several other issues.
  3. Their manufacturing does not harm animals: The natural products are completely made from plant ingredients, so their production does not harm animals in the name of testing. The big cosmetic companies test their products on the animals. They use a large number of animals which are subjected to these tests. Some big brands are involved in such malicious and brutal practices. But the natural products made from safe ingredients forego this type of testing. 
  4. Natural products are environment friendly: The natural products have no harmful effects on living things, including animals and plants. On the other hand, the synthetically produced products have a variety of chemicals that impact our ecosystem. If these products are exposed to the environment, they will cause harm. Additionally, the extraction process of ingredients used in synthetic products leaves a carbon footprint on the environment. Few products need mining such as lead, aluminium.

These were some of the primary reasons for using natural products. Now we will discuss the harmful effects of chemical-based products.

Harmful effects of Synthetic products

The detrimental effects of chemically synthesised products are these:

Skin irritation and Allergies

The synthetic products contain many toxic chemicals and Paraben is one of them. It is the most commonly used ingredient in skin care products which is used as a preservative. Paraben can have side effects on the skin such as itchiness, blemishes, irritation and rashes. It can be awful for people who have sensitive skin as it can react with their skin and cause severe issues. 


One of the most common causes of acne among women is the regular use of chemical-based skincare products. The substandard and synthetic products are the main culprits of causing acne. If you regularly use cosmetic products and wear makeup, then you will experience acne, blackheads, clogged pores and few other skin issues as well. Therefore, the best option is to shift to a natural skincare regime.

Excessive hair growth

Another most common side effect of using synthetic products is excessive hair growth. It does not look nice on women, and they have to get those hairs removed regularly. That process of hair removal also cost the right amount of money. In contrast, the plant ingredients present in the natural products have no such side effects and are 100% safe for skin. 

Skin pigmentation

Another adverse effect of conventional products is the skin discolouration which can be seen in the form of pigments, freckles, patches and uneven skin tone. Sometimes, these side effects could be permanent and irreversible. If you use cheap products, then the toxins in those products can cause permanent damage.

Wrinkles make you look aged

The constant use of synthetic products can lead to dryness of skin which results in wrinkles. Few months of use can cause wrinkles which makes you look older than your real age. Then you will have to use more chemical-based products to remove those wrinkles. This is a chain process which gives billions of dollars in profit to big brands.

Other side effects

In addition to all these side effects, there are several other side effects as well. It includes hormonal imbalance, headaches, eye infections, excessively oily & dried skin, infertility, endocrine system issues and even skin cancer. 


In light of the benefits mentioned above of natural skincare products and the harmful effects of chemical-based products, it is easy to make a choice. You should always buy natural skincare products which will not only make your skin healthy and glowing but also have zero side effects for the skin. Aly’s skincare is an Australian brand which produces 100% safe and natural products. Their products are handmade and based on plant ingredients. They believe in self-care and self-love, which is evident from their product quality. 

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