What Plants are poisonous for your Pet Health?

What Plants are poisonous for your Pet Health?

Most of the plants at homes are not poisonous at all, but some of them can be genuinely harmful to pets. There are many cases recorded in which dogs or cats die due to eating plants. It is essential to avoid your pets from dangerous plants. There are many plants that people keep without even knowing their harmfulness for their pet’s health. They may cause allergy or severe harm to your pets. Harmful substances do not stop at your household plants; they are also in your cleaning products, which is why if you own a pet, you will need to choose your products carefully.  According to animals emergency services, surface cleaner and odour eliminators and sprayed pesticides on plants are the leading cause of pet diseases. There are few good companies such as Good Scruff that manufactures products that are safe for your pets. Some of the most common but poisonous plants are as follow.

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Sago Palm:

Sago’s palm is a must-have plant in most home gardens because of its bonsai style look. It is alluring to some dogs, but some find them delicious. All the parts of Sago’s palm are poisonous and can cause liver damage and death may also occur. Keeping it away from the pet or at some high place will be better if someone wants to keep this plant in the house.

Aloe Vera: 

Aloe Vera is a very beneficial plant for human due to its hydrating properties, but for dogs, it is not less than poison. All dogs do not eat plants, but some cannot live without tasting everything. It would be better to keep your pet away from this plant. Aloe vera can cause numerous diseases to your pet such as vomiting, lethargy, diarrhea, depression and many more.


People get shocked when they get to know their favourite plants may be the cause of their lost pets. Daffodil has almost the same effect as the Aloe Vera which can cause vomiting, diarrhoea and intestinal spasms etc. Try to avoid your dog from licking or going near this plant. Research shows that many pet owners don’t even know why their pets are not so active.

Castor Bean:

Castor Bean plant is the choice of many Gardeners due to its multi shade colour, shape and growth. They are found in parks and grounds, so if you walk your dog to park, try to keep your dog away from it. Abdominal Pain, extreme thirst coma and tremor are some symptoms of diseases caused by this plant to your pet.

Good Scruff

There are more than 1000 species that are poisonous for pet health in different ways. The best way to save your dog from plant disease is to keep them away from plants or keep pots at some height so that pets cannot approach these plants. We should not compromise a pet’s health as our pets are an essential member of our family.

The pet health and safety of our pet is our responsibility; you may save your pet by just a few changes in your routine work. Good Scruff is a company that produce odour eliminators and sanitisers that are 100% safe. Your pet doesn’t get ill even it drinks or licks it as their formulation includes no harmful substances.


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