Ten signs that your body needs bowel cleansing

Ten signs that your body needs bowel cleansing

The digestive system is an integral part of the human body and overall health. The most crucial segment of our digestive system is the Colon or large intestine. This is why bowel cleansing is important. The Colon also absorbs the beneficial nutrients while flushing out the waste materials. Therefore, our digestive tract is responsible not only for our stomach health but the majority of other health problems, especially mental health. 

Thus, the famous saying of Hippocrates:

“All diseases begin in the gut.”

According to many health experts, our Colon should be cleansed for improved digestion as well as dealing with issues such as constipation, irregular bowel movements and other digestive problems. Besides, it is also considered to help prevent colon cancer. Stomach experts claim that colon or bowel cleansing remove the harmful bacteria, toxins and other micro-organisms. 

Colon cleansing is not a new thing as it has been practised since ancient times. Colon or bowel cleanse means to flush the colon region with different fluids to remove the toxic wastes, thus, improving the colon health and digestion. Highly professional people perform this method. In manual colon cleansing method, almost 50-60 litres of fluid is pushed into the rectum with the help of a tube while the toxins are pushed out through another tube. The process is repeated again and again until the complete colon area is cleansed.


Some signs that your body needs colon cleansing

If your body needs colon or bowel cleansing, then you can quickly get clues by the symptoms you feel. If you have a perfectly healthy colon, then you will not experience these symptoms. Following are some of the signs that indicate you need to bowel cleanse:

  1. Excessive fatigue

    When you eat greasy or unhealthy food, some of the waste materials stick to the walls of your Colon. These toxin wastes keep circulating the body via our bloodstream, making you feel fatigued and exhausted all the time. Especially in the morning, when you think that you have zero energy to get out of bed and you have to drag you to bathroom forcefully. This is the sign that your body needs bowel cleansing. 

  2. Constipation

    if you are experiencing never-ending constipation, then it is a sign that your Colon is filled with toxic wastes. Today, our busy lives have forced us to develop bad eating habits, and we regularly eat fast food and greasy food. It causes our Colon to produce more mucus which eventually leads to the narrowing of our intestines. In such a situation, our fecal matter needs to be forced out of the body. When you experience intermittent constipation, then it is time to get bowel cleansing. 

  3. Abnormal bowel movement

    If you experience that your bowel movement is not normal such as sometimes constipation, sometimes too loose and sometimes no bowel, then it is also an indicator that you need bowel cleansing. In this case, you need to increase your fibre intake, but in severe cases, you will also need bowel to cleanse. 

  4. Foul body odour

    When the colon area is filled with toxins, it sends these toxic wastes to the whole body through the bloodstream. These poisonous gases and materials lead to foul body odour. No matter how good your body hygiene is, your sweat and saliva will produce a bad smell. It is a severe issue which can cause embarrassment for you. 

  5. Skin issues

    A blocked colon is like a poison-filled tank which is slowly being released into the body. If you have a clogged colon, then the toxins can cause multiple issues for your skin, including acne and pale skin. If you have a colon problem, it will show from your face as the face is a good indicator of internal health.

  6. Weight gain and failure to lose weight

    If your body is not correctly getting rid of excessive wastes, then you might experience weight gain. Even if you are taking average calories and trying very hard to lose weight, then it is an indicator of waste accumulation in the colon region. It will cause bloating and weight gain. 

  7. Low mental concentration

    Poor diet and fast food can cause you to lose mental focus. The retention of toxins in your body can cause headaches, migraines and distraction. 

  8. Stomach issues

    If you are continuously facing problems such as severe abdominal cramps, diarrhea, stomach gas, bloating and nausea, then you might need bowel cleansing. In most cases, if you are facing these signs intermittently, then it is due to colon blockage caused by low fibre foods and bad gut health due to increased harmful bacteria. It can also cause bloating and excessive gas production.

  9. Bad and restless nights

    If you notice that your body clock is not working usually and you keep turning at night, then it is another sign of colon issue. Sometimes, you wake up and feel stiffness in body and joints; then it is also an indicator of impaired gut health. 

  10. Sexual dysfunction

    A blocked colon will not only impact your digestive and mental system but will also affect your sexual functions. You may experience loss in libido, erectile dysfunction and other issues when you have bad gut health.

How to cleanse the Colon and perform gut healing?

There are different methods of bowel cleansing including probiotics bowel cleanse, various juices and smoothies, herbal products, leafy greens, chia and flax seeds, apple cider vinegar, citrus foods, fibre rich foods and colon detox products. When looking for bowel cleansing foods, your priority should be the natural and herbal products. Organic gut healing and bowel cleansing products are 100% safe as compared to other home remedies and other methods. 

Gut performance is an Australian brand which solely focuses on natural and organic products. Their goal is to provide products that ensure complete gut healing, colon cleansing, improved digestion and keeping your body healthy. Gut performance makes premium products made from high-quality ingredients that will be wholly absorbed by the body. Their supplements are produced in facilities that exceed the Australian Government Food Standard Accreditation.

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