Spiritual Healing for Better Skincare

Spiritual Healing for Better Skincare

Various scientific researches establish the connection between our skin and mind. Our mental condition has a direct impact on our physical health, especially our skin. Prolonged stress and anxiety result in several skin conditions including acne, psoriasis, eczema, stretch marks, hair loss and even premature ageing. Our body undergoes several hormonal changes during stress. Therefore, only a sound mind and spirit can have a healthy body and skin. Our skin is the only communication between our body and the outer world. What we perceive from the outside world shows on our face. Our skin can be affected by the external processes as much as it does by internal, which is why spiritual healing is critical for having better skin.

Spiritual effects of ORMUS

The whole universe is made up of energy and vibrating particles. Science has proved that every substance has a particular energy frequency. Our body, plants, chairs, tables and everything surrounding has a unique frequency. Our body also has a vibration which is around 65-70 MHz. If this frequency is outside this range, then it can cause different problems. In ancient times, the ruling elite used spiritual methods for healing their bodies. They came up with the formula ORMUS (Orbitally Rearranged Metal Under Study) which was only accessible by the elite. They formulated super-minerals which were ingested by to provide mental clarity, boosting sexual performance, strengthening the immune system, improving cognitive performance and even reversing the ageing process. 

The role of minerals is to provide energy to the body, the transmission of nerve signals and the creation of different hormones. Minerals help our body to convert the food into a source of energy. The alchemists of that time came up with the super-mineral, which was the enhanced form of minerals. These enriched minerals, called ORMUS, are believed to improve spiritual healing. The ORMUS has several positive effects on our spiritual, mental and physical health. 

Effects of spiritual healing on the skin

The ORMUS is considered to be a superfood and anti-ageing agent. Its effects on the skin are as follows:

  • Slows the ageing process: Ageing is a natural and irreversible process. No matter what we do, our body is meant to grow old as we age. But the ORMUS is considered to be an anti-aging agent which reverses the ageing process. It slows down and almost stops the process of ageing by preventing grey hair, reducing wrinkles & fine lines, boosting mental energy levels and reducing signs of fatigue. 
  • Boost immunity: The spiritual healing results in a strengthened immune system which is better at fighting with diseases caused by bacteria, fungi and viruses. These micro-organisms cause almost all skin diseases, so, ORMUS helps in preventing acne, eczema, psoriasis and other skin diseases.
  • Corrects the DNA structure: ORMUS or spiritual healing can restore the original DNA structure, which is damaged by the external factors. It accelerates the healing of injuries and wounds. It repairs the skin damaged by acne and other skin issues.


Different brands have come up with products with spiritual healing powers. Akasha ORMUS is an Australian brand which specialises in monoatomic elements that promote our mental, spiritual and physical health. They create super mineral foods that are 100% natural and free from toxins. Their ORMUS is created natively in Australian Byron Bay with high-quality ingredients. Before buying ORMUS, always make sure to follow the usage instructions. 

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