DU IT Vitamin E Face Cream On White Background
A rich moisturising vitamin E face cream that hydrates, nourishes and protects skin. Enriched with the highest concentration of natural vitamin E to help keep skin soft, radiant and supple whilst maximising the skin’s ability to retain moisture. DU’IT VE+ improves skin’s natural defensive barrier and helps to reduce the appearance of fine line wrinkles. Recommended for uneven skin tones, scarring, stretch marks, dry skin, after suncare and as under makeup moisturiser.
VITAMIN E 6x the standard vitamin E concentration that also aids in visibly reducing the appearance of early body stretch marks resulting from pregnancy, obesity and growth spurts.
PREVENTATIVE Boosts the skin’s natural moisture balance to help reduce the chance of scar tissue forming and helps prevent environmental skin damage from pollution, air-conditioning, smoking and the harmful effects of the sun.
REHYDRATION Moisturises dry and seriously dehydrated skin especially for those undergoing radiotherapy.
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