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An effective, chlorine-free sanitiser for baby’s bottles, teats and associated utensils.
  • Unlike chlorine-based products, Little One Sanitiser will not form harmful by-products, as it decomposes to water and oxygen only.
  • The ‘must-have’ item of modern parents.

It can be used for an extraordinary range of tasks including:

  • Sanitising your hairbrush.
  • Sanitising your child’s bottles, teats and utensils.
  • Children’s toy sanitising.
  • Sanitising drink bottles/sports bottles.
  • Sanitising cosmetic tools such as hair combs, tweezers etc.
  • Freshening cut flowers.
  • A truly versatile and innovative improvement in market equivalents.

✔ Vegan-friendly

✔ Greywater & Septic Safe

✔ Family Friendly

✔ Animal Cruelty-Free

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