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The Bee Doctor Stop Itch Moisturiser 50g

    The Bee Doctor Stop Itch Moisturiser 50g

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    The Bee Doctors
    Safe and natural stop itch repellent with lemongrass is refreshing and smells great.
    RESIST THE ITCH! Resist every itch with The Bee Doctors
    The Bee Doctors 100% Natural Stop Itch Repellent is an amazing repellent and stop itch moisturiser.
    The Bee Doctors Stop Itch moisturiser will help protect and relieve your itchy skin quickly. If you get a bump, bite or a pop, dab a bit on it and it will relieve it and will hopefully help it quickly.

    Apply by scraping a little out with your fingernail or an applicator; rub into the palm of your hand until a smooth texture and apply to the affected area.

    The Bee Doctors is a safe and natural alternative and hopefully may provide the relief you are requiring (avoid contact with eyes).
    Pure Australian Beeswax, Lemongrass Oil, Pure Australian Cold Pressed Jojoba Oil, Sunflower Oil

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