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    Mater Mothers Body Balm for Pregnancy



    Mater Body Balm For Pregnancy

    Helps soften and replenish your skin through the stress and stretching of pregnancy.  This soothing balm is an ideal moisturising treatment specially formulated to promote softness and elasticity and help reduce the appearance of stretch marks.


    As your body changes and baby grows throughout your pregnancy your skin stretches to accommodate these changes.  During this time your skin can often become tight and dry resulting in a loss of elasticity which impacts its ability to cope with stretching.

    Key features:

    • Nourishes stretched + dry skin
    • Suitable for sensitive skin

    Directions for Use

    Gently massage Mater Body Balm for pregnancy into skin as often as required, focusing on areas prone to dryness and stretching. For best results, use throughout pregnancy and postnatally until pre-pregnancy weight is attained. Mater Body Balm for pregnancy is also suitable as an all over intensive moisturising treatment.

    Mater Mothers' Hospitals is continuing the exceptional care it provides mothers, from the hospital into homes, through a range of maternity and baby care products. Proceeds from Mater’s product range are reinvested back into patient care and research through Mater Little Miracles. By choosing Mater Products for your family, you are supporting a community purpose while also using products of the highest quality and safety.

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