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    DU IT Tough Scrub


    A powerful 3-in-1 intensive duty in-home hand cleaner and moisturiser ‘for tough jobs that soap just won’t do’. Free from solvents, soap, harsh detergent and sodium lauryl sulphate, it contains natural walnut shell, a gentle scrubbing pumice that scrubs away stubborn dirt, removes odour, grease and grime without drying or irritating the hands. Unlike other hand cleaners, DU’IT Tough Scrub won’t dry out the hands.

    DU’IT Tough Scrub is an advanced, multi-action treatment product that contains vitamin E, a healing agent and premium skin conditioner. Contains no harsh solvents, harmful chemicals, mineral oils or alcohol.

    It is an effective ‘soap replacement’ for every home when difficult or strenuous cleaning becomes too tough for standard soap. Designed for active hands to keep them in top condition.

    WALNUT SHELL Natural exfoliant which removes dead skin, leaving skin smoother and fresher. Also helps to promote blood circulation in the skin to promote healthier, smoother skin.

    VITAMIN E Promotes skin healing, replenishes moisture and rehydrates dry and stressed hands.

    GLYCERIN Acts as a super moisturiser which counter-acts the loss of vital oils that leads to the drying and cracking of skin.

    SODIUM PCA Intensive moisturiser that acts in synergy with glycerin and holds moisture in the skin. Contains no solvents that will strip away the body’s natural oils and cause dehydration of the skin.

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