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The Bee Doctors 100% Natural Skin Moisturiser 50g

    The Bee Doctors 100% Natural Skin Moisturiser 50g

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    The Bee Doctors
    Use The Bee Doctors 100% Natural Skin Moisturiser as your everyday general all-over moisturiser, that’s great for all skin types – including sensitive skin suffers from eczema. This moisturiser is pure Australian beeswax, an excellent natural moisturiser that helps retain moisture in your skin. Great to use after washing your hand or using hand sanitiser. In the recent outbreak of CONVID-19, this moisturiser can keep your hands protected from dryness, cracks and irritation.

    Use it to nourish and protect your lips and soothe bumps and bites on your skin. It’s also great as a barrier cream for babies, and for anyone who works with chemicals, paper, water or other harsh products such as doctors, nurses, gardeners, chefs, cooks, cleaners, hairdressers, busy mums and dads, tradies, and so on.

    Safe and natural

    The Bee Doctors is a safe and natural product that people of all ages can use - from infants to the elderly. Australian-made from pure Australian Beeswax, pure Australian cold-pressed Jojoba oil and Sunflower oil.

    For best results, apply when itching or dryness persists. When used regularly, it helps with eczema, psoriasis, dermatitis, blood bruises, cracked heels and hands and many medically-affected skin conditions.

    Our customer testimonials sing the praises of this fantastic product.

    How to use
    Scrape a little out. Then rub it gently into the palm of your hand until it becomes a  smooth texture. Apply regularly to the affected area.

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