Beauty Collagen + Antioxidants

NutriVital Beauty Collagen + Antioxidants helps replenish and rebuild collagen, transforming your skin from within. Contains marine collagen for firmer, smoother looking skin, it also helps reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. This beauty supplement has the added support of key antioxidants – vitamin C (500mg), green tea and astaxanthin – which help to neutralise free radicals, and help protect the skin from UV rays, and improve skin tone.

There are many collagens on the market, but NutriVital Beauty Collagen + Antioxidants contains 100% Verisol marine collagen (not a blend of collagens) which has been scientifically proven to help increase skin moisture levels and help protect against the harmful effects of UV exposure. Clinical studies have shown this form of marine collagen may help reduce fine lines and wrinkles and strengthen nails, after four weeks. Also,s the marine collagen peptides are reportedly smaller than beef collagen making them easier to digest.

Free from: nuts and peanuts, gluten and dairy, salicylates and sulphites, artificial sweeteners and colours, soya products, sugars

Serving Suggestions:

5g (1 teaspoon) once daily added to food, juice or your favourite smoothie.

Can be taken at any time of the day.

Note: NutriVital Beauty Collagen + Antioxidants have been blended with natural berries for a pleasant tasting natural boost for your skin’s daily beauty routine.

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