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    Acacia Aromatherapy Aroma Diffuser Honey

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    Acacia Aromatherapy
    Ceramic designer ultrasonic diffuser.

    The HONEY aroma diffuser is a timeless design inspired by the effortless beauty of nature. By accentuating the contrast of light and shadow, the dappled surface adds a unique flair to the diffuser. The neutral tone of the ceramic exterior makes it the perfect decorative addition to your home, alongside its diffusing properties.

    Aroma Diffuser Honey:
    • disperse a cool, fragrant mist through a quiet, ultrasonic vibration mechanism
    • release the essential oil in its purest form for a natural and pleasant aroma
    • produce no heat, no flame or condensation
    • provide a safe and effective way to use essential oils for aromatherapy
    • Purifies and humidifies the air you breathe
    • 120mL water capacity
    • Up to 8 hours Continuous Diffusion
    • 3 level of mist volume control
    • Safe – Cool to touch and auto off when water run out
    • Timer and mist control: 60 mins continuous mist or 120 mins intermittent mist

    Product Size: Approx. 98mm x 145mm

    One-year warranty included

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