Therapeia Australia Omega 3 Marine Algae 60caps x3

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An all vegan and all-natural fish oil alternative, Therapeia Australia Omega 3 Marine Algae is made from sustainably farmed marine algae, ocean-growing plants which are the food sources of EPA and DHA for fish.

By taking fish out of the equation, Therapeia Australia has made an environmentally-friendly product that contributes to the health of the oceans and planet. In addition, their algae are farmed, not harvested from the wild. This low-impact method of sourcing omega 3 fatty acids means that they can quality control for mercury and oxidation while nourishing their baby algae with sunlight and clean water.

When their algae are ready to be picked, they transform it into omega 3 oil using a hexane-free extraction method, reducing potential damage to the DHA and EPA content of the algae. Their product is encapsulated as soon as possible after becoming oil, to prevent it from going rancid. Finally, they independently test each and every batch of their Vegan Omega 3 to absolutely ensure that it’s not rancid, it’s mercury-free and it’s high in DHA and EPA.

Independently Tested

Therapeia Australia tests its products via Agrifood Technology, a highly regarded lab in Victoria, Australia. While each batch does vary slightly, they require a minimum of 250mg DHA and 150mg EPA in each capsule as well as undetectable mercury levels.

Environmentally Friendly

A 100% vegan product that bypasses the extremely destructive process of large scale fish farming. Fish eat algae and so they become rich in the omega-3 fatty acids (DHA and EPA) so rather than harvesting fish, we go straight to the source, marine algae!

Low Oxidation – Proven Quality

One of the biggest problems with omega-3s is that they oxidise very quickly. Once oxidised they not only lose their anti-inflammatory benefits but become inflammatory. Cheap fish oils in the market are almost guaranteed to be oxidised and are a complete waste of money. Their marine algae are independently tested for oxidation and consistently shows levels well below the industry standard. One of the best omega-3s money can buy!

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