Hand Wash & Sanitiser

Hand Wash & Sanitiser are our number one friend against germs and bacteria. Washing our hands is a pretty common practice, but that doesn’t mean that our hand washes have to be harsh on our skin too! By keeping our products all-natural and organic, we can assure you that these products will leave your hand’s germ-free. They will smell lovely too! If you are out and about, a pocketable sanitiser is ideal. We offer those too! Isn’t that a treat?

Koala Eco isn’t just pretty packaging, their biodegradable and eco-friendly plant-based formulas will safely sanitise your hands without the use of harsh chemicals. In addition, Tri nature’s moisturising essential oil-based hand wash promises to leave your skin feeling conditioned and protected. Tri Nature’s Hand Wash & Sanitiser are both plant-based, so please try them out!

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