Sexual Health

Here at BuyNatural, we pride ourselves in stocking quality and reliable sexual health products. We’re here to look out for you by stocking lubricants that are don’t contain contaminants. Based on natural ingredients. It matches your pH levels down under too! Sylk is a water-based non-sticky and non-staining Personal Lubricant. They are made from kiwifruit vine extract, a natural by-product of kiwifruit. Unmatched for its smooth semi-fluid consistency, Sylk is sensual, silky and slippery. Furthermore, Sylk does not contain any silicons, petroleum derivatives, animal products or parabens. They can be used during pregnancy and while breastfeeding. It can also be used with condoms and sex toys. Moreover, Sylk Personal Lubricant has been loved and trusted by women in Australia for over 30 years. We stress quality and partner with trusted Australian brands. Give a boost to your Sexual Health today!

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