We care about Hair Care! Not only is it important to keep those long locks looking lush! It’s also about considering our footprint, and whether the products we’re using will have a lasting impact on our environment. We’re very picky about the products we stock, and how they impact our environment. Alongside the quality and how it enriches our hair. Our Shampoo & Conditioner range consists only of certified organic products!

We prefer brands that use natural and proven botanical ingredients, that nourish and hydrate our hair. While stirring away from harsh chemicals that may strip the nutrients and unbalance pH levels. This means that our choice of haircare products keeps the eco-footprint to a minimum, so we can support our local businesses. We are pleased to bring you an all-natural, safe and effective Shampoo & Conditioner. They provide cleansing and long-lasting hair health with natural ingredients. Best of all, Australian made.

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