We have a wide range of natural Body & Hair products. When selecting our products, we prefer organic, natural and locally made. This means that our choice of products keeps the eco-footprint to a minimum, and so we can support our local businesses. We are pleased to bring you an all-natural, safe and effective range of products. Our Body & Hair product range is safe, natural solutions for you. They provide moisturising and long-lasting protection with natural ingredients. They are active and best of all, Australian made.

Secondly, we believe that the all-natural, and eco-friendly Coconut Tree is a perfect representation of safe and powerful products. Their products will effectively hydrate, protect, nourish and beautify bodies of all ages, genders and skin types. The pure, certified organic, unrefined oil they use is harvested in the South Pacific, utilising Australian technology that keeps the goodness and freshness of coconuts intact. Our Body & Hair range also offers other natural care, including hair care, dental care, feminine care and sexual health.

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