Wellgrove is committed to scientific research and the essential role olive products play in health and wellness. They are holistic farmers, caring for over 2.5 million olive trees through every step of their lifecycle journey. This starts from nursery to planting and the annual harvest. They aim to capture all of the natural goodness from the olive tree, enabling them to deliver superior quality. Also, it allows them to deliver naturally sourced and fully-traceable Australian-grown products to their customers.

As part of Australia’s leading olive brand, Wellgrove strive to maintain a reputation of bringing only the best quality of naturally sourced products. This is now including a dedicated health and wellness range. Moreover, their team is globally-recognised in the fields of olive agronomy, olive science, and olive health and wellness. This provides them with guidance on research activities, and product claims. Therefore, this evidence-based approach ensures their products align with the health and wellness needs of their customers.

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