Umii is all about products that are good for your skin and our environment. They want to be 100% transparent, so they have put together a list of what they put into, and leave out of, in their products.
Umii were sick of trying to find an Australian-made and natural product range that was both affordable and actually worked. So, they set out to create our own range. When designing their packaging, they wanted to challenge Australians to 'think green'. They believe that your product does not need to be in a brown box in order for it to be environmentally friendly. All of their products are screen-printed to minimise packaging and made from recycled and recyclable plastic.

Umii have packed their products full of the best-in-class botanicals to nourish your skin and hair and encourage new growth to make sure it feels fresh, clean and reinvigorated! They have spent countless hours developing and refining the best range of natural Australian-made skin and hair care products. Their hero ingredient is Totarol Oil which is sustainably harvested from the bark of the trees in New Zealand. It is natures super-antioxidant and antibacterial so it cleanses and regenerates your skin minimising pores, clearing blemishes and reducing fine lines.


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