Uganic's founders have a strong belief and determination in nutrition remaining as pure as possible. Their desire to feed their families a clean and safe diet has been the foundation of all products developed. Made in Australia from 100% Australian certified organic milk, Uganic strives towards best practice in sustainability and traceability to provide your family with even cleaner, more premium dairy.

Their belief in sustainable organic means that farmers are paid a fair wage, cows are happy and healthy and the environment is cared for. They have full oversight of their business and can see how every one of their products travels from the farm to you. With a supply chain based on sustainable organic, they want to give meaning back to the word organic. When you buy organic with Uganic, you know that everybody wins. There are no hidden catches, no fine print, or nasties. Their vision is for a brighter future. For our children, for our nation, for our planet. Every one of their daily decisions has an impact. They believe in making choices that matter.

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