Sven’s Island

Sven's Island is a socially responsible personal care company from New Zealand. They grow and wild harvest unique therapeutic ingredients and scientifically formulate 100% natural remedies. This is for families to discover and enjoy the healing and protective power of nature. Sven lives on a remote island off the coast of New Zealand where he grows and hand harvests native plants. These plants are with powerful therapeutic properties that end up in their natural personal care products for you to enjoy.

Learning to work with Mother Nature is a no-brainer when you’re living in one of the most remote places on earth. Sven's Island reckons if Mother Earth wanted us slathering ourselves in propylene glycol and sodium lauryl sulphates then she’d have them growing on trees by now. That’s why they decided right off the bat to only develop products that use 100% natural ingredients. By natural, they mean any substance grown or harvested from nature. If they can’t grow it, pick it or dig it up then it just isn’t going in their products.

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