Introducing Slendier, a range of healthy food perfect for Your Good Food Day. Their health range of konjac weight loss pasta, noodles and rice has proven so popular that they've extended the range to include pasta sauces, bean pasta, ready to eat meals and smoothies. Slendier uses ancient health foods for healthy meals that are good for your figure and a treat for your tastebuds. Whether you’re a clean-eating devotee, celiac, vegan or vegetarian, or simply trying to make better choices, Slendier makes it easy to have a good food day.

They investigated the world of ancient foods and discovered konjac. This ugly little root vegetable changed their world and we think it can help the planet too. They fell in love with this little beauty; it takes on any flavour, is good for you and they make it with love, care and nothing nasty. They hope you’ll fall in love with konjac too. Slendier now travels the world to bring konjac, ancient beans, the best vegetable sauces, the freshest ingredients, traditional cooking methods and grandmother-like care to your table.
To be honest, they didn’t really set out to change the whole world; they just wanted to try to make a happier future for themselves, their children and yours.

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