Naked Paleo

Naked Paleo is organic, gluten-free, preservative-free, vegan and with no added sugar. Born from a decision to pay attention to what they eat, Naked Paleo started a paleo-type diet. A paleo-type diet meaning no gluten, grains or dairy, no preservatives. Ultimately, definitely no added sugar, so they trotted into paleo land not knowing what they were really getting themselves into.  Of course, they still wanted the odd sweet treat.

However, they are only human, and their old gluten and sugar-laden recipes were not going to cut it. Therefore, they went back to basics, using simple, real food ingredients and created their own goodies. Naturally, they wanted everyone around them to feel as good as they did so they started sharing treats, recipes and advice. Their organic, vegan and natural paleo bars are the perfect sweet alternative to your ordinary protein bars.

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