Jaspa Herington

Since beginning operations in 1991, Herington, part of Jaspa Herington, has grown to become a leading manufacturer and supplier of quality bedding products. Formerly known as Aussie Pillows, their range includes pillows, quilts, protectors, foam and wool underlays and much much more. Their two brands, Jaspa and Herington, enabled them to provide a complete range of bedding products, from standard pillows and quilts to products specially designed for allergy sufferers and therapeutic use. They use the latest technology and equipment to produce high quality, premium bedding products. All of their products are distinguished by their very high loft, comfort and design. Herington is an Australian company, and with the majority of their products made in Australia, they’re proud to support Australian production and Australian Jobs. Herington’s focus is purely on bedding accessories making us the most comprehensive provider of pillows, protectors, quilts, underlays and blankets in the Australian market today.

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