Good Scruff

At Good Scruff, they believe there is a better way of cleaning and removing dog and cat urine from carpet and smells from your home. Their products have the most powerful earth friendly cleaning and deodorising capabilities available, without sacrificing environmental responsibility. Designed from the ground up, they’re proud to say that their range of green cleaning solutions to everyday stain and odour problems work every time, are easy to use and are a healthier and safer choice for the whole family. To make sure their products meet the highest standards they are independently tested.

Their products are created especially for your pets! Remove the smell of urine from your room. If your pet accidentally pees on the carpet, you can use their dog urine remover! Not only does it remove pet urine from carpet, but it also can remove the smell as well!. Safe, non-toxic and powerful, remove urine smell from carpet with their dog urine cleaner. Once you have their products in your hands, you’ll know that they have already passed head-to-head tests versus both synthetic and natural competitors. All ingredients are carefully selected, non-toxic, and sourced ethically and sustainably from the best Australian suppliers. They are proud to be an Australian company manufacturing in Melbourne and creating products safe for pets, family and our planet. Good Scruff are committed to making it easy for you to make a difference.

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