Akasha Ormus

Akasha Ormus specialises in monoatomic elements for the mind, body and spirit. Ormus is a 100% bioavailable mineral superfood, widely believed to be a powerful manifestation enhancer that strengthens the light body and aids in spiritual practices. It comprises essential trace minerals that are believed to encourage the brain, body and cells to thrive and flourish. Their Ormus is created in Australia’s Byron Bay, comprised of a potent blend of the world’s purest ingredients. These include Australian ocean waters hand-harvested from isolated beaches. Also, a focus on pink Himalayan salt due to its mineral profile’s richness in gold and less heavy metals.

Full moon dew and artesian spring water are also collected from high up in New South Wales’ mystical Blue Mountains. There is a clear Australian focus in their Ormus; Australia is the oldest continent on earth, ancient and spiritual land enriched with primordial minerals. Their Ormus is always alchemised during significant astrological events such as full moons, new moons and eclipses. It is crystal charged, energy-infused and blessed with the intention to bring healing, love and abundance to life. All Akasha Ormus products are 100% vegan, cruelty-free, palm oil-free & toxin-free.

PLEASE NOTE: By law in Australia, Ormus is advised for cosmetic use only, as we are not a large company that is registered with the TGA. For that reason, we cannot make claims about it’s healing properties or recommend it be taken as a supplement. In other countries where it is not required for supplements to be registered as medicines, most people drink 2-5 mL daily in water or absorb it under the tongue. It is often recommended that Ormus is not swallowed, as the highly acidic environment of the stomach may start to convert the M-state back into its metallic form, as it is meant to be alkaline. This is the case no matter where or from whom you obtain your Ormus. For this reason, it is often applied topically – as having such a tiny particle, it is easily absorbed.
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