BuyNatural Rewards Program

Here at BuyNatural, we are always striving to give back to you, our customers and you get the best valued, amazing Australian natural and organic products.  We believe our customers deserve to be rewarded for not only their health and wellness choices, but their loyalty as well. That is why we’ve created the BuyNatural Reward Program! It's our way of giving back and encouraging you to stay health, well and at the same time being friendly to our planet!

So How Do BuyNatural Rewards Work?

Joining the BuyNatural Reward Program is completely FREE! All customers who have registered an account on our website are automatically enrolled in the program -  you start earning points immediately.


Shop & Earn

Quite simply, for every dollar you spend in our store you will earn reward points, and you can use reward points towards future purchases – the more you shop, the more YOU save. It's our way of promoting natural and organic products and thanking you,  our awesome customers for your loyalty.


Earn Points

Create a Store Account

Get 50 points as a welcome bonus

Make a Purchase

Get 1 point for every $1 you spend (excluding any shipping fees & taxes)

Refer a Friend

Get 50 points when your friends buy from your referral link

Birthday Bonus

Get 10 points in your birthday month


Get Rewarded


$1 for every 120 points up to $25. (min. order $50)

120 points = $1

5% off

100 points

15% off

300 points

Free "Lorem Cup One"

500 points

$30 off "Kitchen & Dining" Collection. (min. collection purchase $80)

800 points





So let's take Mrs Natural Buyer as an example

Mrs Natural Buyer wants to purchase an organic cleaner as she worries about the chemicals in the ones purchase from the supermarkets. She decides to purchase an organic cleaner bundle with a discounted price of only $100.  For her purchase, she will earn 100 Reward Points. Now when Mrs Natural Buyer purchases the same product next week (she really likes cleaning her house), she can choose to apply her 100 points towards her purchase and receive 5% OFF!! 

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