Natural Skin Therapy

Natural Skin Therapy

In this modern world, where there are thousands of new skin treatments and products created every day, there is still massive importance of natural skincare products. Natural skin therapy products have no match when it comes to revive, nourish, repair and treat your skin. Plus, these natural products and treatments have zero side effects, which automatically makes them a perfect and safest choice.

Due to increasing demand, the global skincare industry has been growing exponentially. The cosmetics and skin product industry has become a multibillion-dollar industry. Every year billions of dollars are spent on Research and Development (R&D) to make products even better. But no matter how advance we become, we will still require natural ingredients for our products. We cannot deny the importance of nature’s gift in the form of natural ingredients. We can synthetically develop skincare products, but there must be some natural ingredient in the product. But there is a minimal amount of natural ingredients and a significant amount of synthetic chemicals. 

Harmful effects of chemically produced skin products

There are several adverse effects of chemically generated skin care products. If you are a frequent user of cosmetic or skincare products, then you may experience these effects.

  • Acne

Substandard and synthetic skin care products are the most common cause of acne. Almost all women who frequently wear makeup or use different cosmetics can experience the formation of blackheads, clogged pores and ultimately acne due to the presence of various chemicals in their products.

  • Skin allergies

Paraben is the primary and common component, which acts as a preservative in the skin products. But it can also react with skin and cause different allergies such as blemishes, itchy skin, rashes or skin irritation. Especially if you have sensitive skin, then these allergies could become dangerous. Always make sure to get paraben-free products.

skin irritation
  • Skin discolouration

One of the significant side effects of chemical-based skin therapy products is skin discolouration, shown in the form of skin pigments, uneven skin tone, freckles and patches. If the product has cheap and toxic chemicals, then the damage could also be permanent and irreversible. So, it is in your best interest to switch to natural and herbal products.

  • Excessive hair

Some cheap and chemical-based products use components that can cause excessive hair growth on your skin. It is more troublesome for women as they have to get those unwanted hairs removed separately, which could cost a lot of money. So, organic products are your safest bet if you want zero side effects skincare solution. 

  • Premature aging

Harmful skin products may temporary make you look pretty, but in the longer run, it can cause premature aging of the skin. If you use skincare products for more extended periods, then the chemicals present in those products can permanently damage your skin. Within a few months of use, you could see wrinkles appearing on your skin. And those big companies then earn billions in profit by selling their anti-ageing products. 

  • Skin cancer

Multiple studies have proved that regular use of synthetic skin products can lead to skin cancer. Many chemical-based cosmetics and skin products contain toxic components that cause cancer. These harmful components include Coal tar, Benzene, phenacetin, Arsenic, Chromium and few other poisonous elements.

  • Other side effects

These are some of the side effects of chemical-based skin products. There are several other harmful effects including hormonal imbalance, eye infections, infertility, headaches, endocrine system malfunctioning, excessively dried or oily skin, lungs diseases and a whole lot of other pressing issues. Discussing all these health hazards require a complete detailed article, but that will detract from the main point. The main point is to highlight the harmful effects and seriousness of the damage caused by chemical-based products. All of these side effects are proven with research and studies. You can easily search on the internet related to these problems to verify these claims. 

Luckily, the awareness of organic and natural products is increasing day by day. Now people have started to rely more on the natural skin therapy products rather than the chemically produced synthetic products. It is also possible to make natural skin therapy products at home by merely using daily routine items. But it is a hassle and can cause you a headache. So to avoid this hassle, you need to rely on over the counter market products. Many reliable and authentic brands make 100% natural and organic skincare products. They produce customer products from 100% natural and premium products. 

mind my skin

Mind My Skin

Mind My Skin is one of the leading brands in Australia that entirely focuses on natural and organic products. Their products are guaranteed to be 100% natural and herbal. Mind My Skin is a registered company, and all products are entirely made in Australia. Their product line includes face creams, lotions, serum, cleanser and variety of other natural skin therapy products. If you want more details or you want to check their complete product range, then you can visit website. 

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