Natural Healing Properties of Beeswax

Beeswax Natural Health Skincare

Natural Healing Properties of Beeswax

Bees are a blessing for us from nature. They not only produce honey which has several uses and benefits but also provides us with the Beeswax. Beeswax is a great gift to us from the bees. In this modern world, we might have forgotten the benefits of Beeswax, but in ancient times, it was used for a variety of purposes. The addition of Beeswax into our modern skincare industry is recent, but it has been used for thousands of years. Today, Beeswax is a common ingredient in hundreds of skincare and health products. The Natural Healing Properties of Beeswax are evident, and we cannot deny its effectiveness.

Beeswax is a 100% natural health and skincare compound which is produced by the secretion of honey bees. It is hard when it is cold and soft when heated. The best thing about Beeswax and honey is that both of them do not expire, spoil or become unusable. They can be reheated and reused again and again. It has a butterscotch yellow, amber yellow or light yellow colour.

Benefits and Uses of Beeswax

Beeswax has been used for thousands of years for multiple purposes. In China, 2000 years ago, Beeswax was discovered and recommended in their medical books due to its miraculous effects. It was known to be a natural healer for having positive effects on the circulatory system, acting as a wound healer and anti-aging agent. It can be used to lower cholesterol levels, inflammation, swelling and relieving pain.

Although Beeswax is not good if ingested, it can be topically used for its multiple skin benefits. It is used in various ointments, skincare gels, moisturising creams and makeup products. There are several uses and benefits of Beeswax.

Skin Moisturiser

Beeswax is an amazing natural moisturiser for skin and is used in a wide range of skincare and cosmetic products. It can help to repair dry, chapped and rough skin due to the presence of vitamin A. It not only moisturises the skin but also protects from damage. It is non-comedogenic, so it does not clog skin pores. It rehydrates and softens skin, as well as aids in healthy cellular reconstruction.

By moisturising the skin, Beeswax can also indirectly act as an anti-aging agent by removing the wrinkles. Thus, giving you a healthier and younger look.

Other skin uses

Due to its healing properties, Beeswax is used in several makeups and cosmetic products such as lip balms, lotions, moisturisers, cleansing creams, cold creams and different skincare products. Being a natural product, Beeswax is 100% allergen-free and safe. It is also used to treat the diaper rashes.

Beeswax also reduces the stretch marks due to its ability to retain water and protect the skin against damage. The stretch marks are caused due to a decreased amount of collagen and elastic fibre in the skin. The vitamin A present in Beeswax can enhance the production of collagen, which can reduce and prevent the stretch marks

When used in the form of gels and creams, Beeswax can protect the skin from environmental pollutants such as dust, smoke and other microscopic pollutants. Beeswax can also be effective against skin diseases such as eczema and psoriasis. Its soothing effect prevents irritation and itching caused by these skin diseases.

Due to its natural healing property, Beeswax is ideal for use on cuts, wounds, burn marks and scrapes. Their coating on damaged skin can also prevent bacteria and viruses from entering through the broken skin. 

Heals dry and chapped lips

Beeswax is globally famous for its use in treating the dry and cracked lips. That is why it is used in hundreds of lip balms. It not only moisturises lips to combat dryness and chapping but also protects against bacteria.

Protects the liver

In 2013, a study conducted by the Korean Journal of Internal Medicine found that Beeswax can also protect the liver due to anti-oxidant properties. The study found that Beeswax is effective against fatty liver disease. It improves the functioning of the liver and reduces the symptoms of fatty liver.

Relieve pain and reduces inflammation

Beeswax has been used for relieving pain and inflammation for thousands of years. According to a study published by the Korean Journal of Internal Medicine in 2014, Beeswax helped to reduce inflammation caused by the osteoarthritis. Its anti-inflammatory property works to decrease the skin irritation, redness and swelling.

Treatment of Acne

Due to strong anti-septic and anti-inflammatory properties, Beeswax is useful for the treatment of acne. Being an emollient, it not only removes acne but also softens skin.

Natural relaxer

In addition to all skin and topical uses, Beeswax is also used to make candles which can act as aromatherapy agents. Candles made from Beeswax are way better than those made of paraffin. Paraffin can endanger health due to the inhaling of soot. But being a natural health product beeswax candles can be inhaled without any harmful effects.

Beeswax candles provide aromatherapy and act as natural mind relaxers. They promote relaxation and releases stress from the mind. Plus, you can also make them easily at home.

Beeswax in Candles

Beeswax candles can have many health benefits as they are natural, meaning that they do not product toxic by-products. They also help neturalise pollutants, helping to eliminate odour, dust or mould in the atmosphere. Beeswax candles are relaxing, as that mild, sweet aroma of honey may aid you to relax and not overpowering like artificially scented candles.

Considerations before using Beeswax

Keep in mind that natural products are safe for use, but there are some considerations as well. Before buying a beeswax product, make sure it is 100% natural and organic without any chemicals in it. Be sure to consult with your physician or any healthcare professional. Also, make sure that you do not have any allergic reaction to it. You can check it by doing a test. It can quickly be done by applying Beeswax on your sensitive area of skin for 20-30 minutes. If you are allergic to it, then you could experience skin swelling, redness, burning sensation, rashes or itchiness.

If you are using beeswax product on skin, then make sure to wash it off later. It allows your skin to breath. It can be removed with the help of oil-based skin cleanser. Water will not be sufficient for removing it because Beeswax is water-insoluble. 

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