Making a good Food Day

Making a good Food Day

In this modern era, everything is within our grasps. We have the freedom to merely order-in with a few simple clicks, rather than going through the hassle of prepping a meal. It has, without a doubt, become increasingly common and the most convenient way for us to obtain food. Despite this, ordering out might not always be the healthiest option. Fast foods and food prepared outside are often high in saturated fats and sodium or artificially flavoured. The hustle and bustle of everyday life often make it difficult for many to consider the importance of a healthy meal, or even to make it a priority. Additionally, the misconception of a ‘healthy diet’ being mainly for those looking to lose or gain weight is entirely unjustified and wrong! Several problems can arise from excessive consumption of fast foods, such as obesity, cardiovascular diseases and strokes. 

Taking Care of your Body

Taking care of our body is no easy feat. But by reducing our intake of artificial and unhealthy foods, our bodies will continue to serve us more efficiently in both the short and long run. For starters, adding a ‘good food day’ in your weekly calendar can kickstart your healthier lifestyle without putting too much pressure on yourself. It will not seem like much at first, but when you start to feel the effects of this simple change in habit, you’d want to keep going! 

Lose fat by consuming healthier meals

Unlike what some believe, making a nutritious yet satisfying meal doesn’t require extra time or effort than making an ordinary meal! It’s not easy to find fresh foods every day, but Slendier’s healthier substitutes make it easier than ever to whip up a delicious and guilt-free dish. Their assorted range of spaghetti, rice, noodles and pasta made from konjac, make them significantly low in carbohydrates and calories compared to other wheat varieties. Drain and soak your product of choice and serve them together with your favourite sauces for a quick and easy meal, without sacrificing the taste! Here’s the next question: don’t have any ideas on what to cook? No worries, Slendier has put together a free e-book which includes great-tasting calorie creative recipes that will keep you wanting more.

Still not convinced? Slendier has the perfect choice for those with limited time but still want to remain health-conscious. Their ready-to-eat meals include three traditional Italian recipes using Slendier’s much loved Fettuccine konjac-based pasta. These healthy meals are a great source of fibre, with less than 60 calories per serve, making it a great addition to your nutritious meal preps!

What is Konjac?

All this talk about konjac, but what exactly is it? 

If you’ve been looking for alternatives to keep your carb intake low, or perhaps have looked into the keto diet, you’ve probably come across this plant. Konjac is a plant commonly grown in Asia and is used in traditional foods and medicine because of its several perceived health benefits. Konjac is known to help stimulate bowel movement and can help keep you fuller for longer. Furthermore, it could be an adjuvant therapy for those who have diabetes and high cholesterol. 

Slendier products have got everything a healthy meal comprises should be! Their healthy substitutes are made to help you transition to a more health-conscious and wellbeing focused lifestyle, without compromising on taste or flavour. 

Healthiness does not JUST comprise of healthy eating. Whilst our relationship with food is a very significant factor in ‘living healthily’, other traits such as exercising, drinking enough water, maintaining a good sleeping schedule etc. are as equally important! When watching our diet, time also plays an important role. For example, regular intake of fruits is ideal and can provide one with an abundance of vitamins and minerals. But taking it right after a heavy meal might cause indigestion or improper nutrition absorption. 

Healthy Meal

Eating Habits

Here are just some examples of healthy eating mistakes many of us do:

  1. Skipping breakfast – Some would instead get an extra 10 minutes in bed than have breakfast. That’s understandable, but also crucial! Breakfast not only replenishes your supply of glucose after a night’s rest but can also often dictate what food cravings you might face later on in the day.
  2. Always choosing ‘low fat’ options – Our body needs fat in our diet too! Foods such as avocado, nuts, and seeds can provide essential fat and fat-soluble vitamins such as A, D, and K. Maintenance of healthy fat help regulate blood vessels and nervous system functioning. 
  3. Denying yourself of all snacks – Deprivation of our favourite snack can sometimes lead to even more hard-to-control cravings! Savouring the occasional treat is a sustainable way to practise mindful consumption and can even make your diet much more of a rewarding and pleasurable experience. 
  4. Believing that one diet is the best for everyone – There seems to be an overwhelming number of diets (vegan, keto, raw, etc.) being encouraged throughout the media these days and it can be tough to choose which works best for your body. What’s working for a friend, might not have the same effects as it does for you! 

Navigating the ever-increasingly complex world of healthy eating can be an overwhelming and confusing task. Start with small changes, explore ranges of dietary options out there and even consult a dietician if you’d prefer! Our bodies all react in different ways when we consume food. So if you’re striving for a healthier lifestyle, remember to be open-minded and give yourself and your body time to adjust to these new changes that will hopefully benefit you for the bright future years to come. Start your journey with Slendier, one healthy meal at a time.

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