LED Light Therapy and Skincare

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LED Light Therapy and Skincare

LED Light Therapy was initially developed by NASA for plant growth experiments. These experiments lead to it be promising for wound treatment. LED Light Therapy stands for Light Emitting Diode Therapy, which is a skincare treatment that uses light frequencies of various wavelengths such as red or blue. This therapy, like any other form of skincare routines, needs consistency for the best results. However, unlike other methods, this therapy is a non-invasive skin treatment for skin problems such as wounds, acne, scars, and others.

Blue Light

Blue LED Light helps kill bacteria that contribute to acne by causing inflammation. It may also reduce activity small oil-producing glands in your skin. This reduction means your glands will produce less oil, improving acne symptoms as one of the causes of acne is oil on your skin. Studies have shown that Blue LED Light is useful in the treatment of mild acne, especially if combined with Red Light Therapy.

Red Light

Red LED Light increases ATP in your cells. ATP is equivalent to your cellular currency; the energy which every cell in your body uses to function effectively. Red LED Light boosts your skin cells with energy so they can work more effectively. Therefore, Red LED light may help with signs of aging and improve scarring. Red LED Light can increase elastin and collagen production and accelerate tissue repair and skin recovery. Collagen is a protein and the most crucial element in our body for smooth and healthy skin. Combined with Blue Light, it can treat acne.


As mentioned earlier, LED Light Therapy is a non-invasive skin treatment, as it does not contain ultraviolet rays. Non-invasive means that they are safe for regular use. Also, LED Light Therapy does not cause burns compared to other anti-aging treatments. This therapy uses specific wavelengths of light with known therapeutic effects – which is why they are safe to use. Different wavelengths of light can penetrate different parts of your skin. Therefore, light from sources like the sun which contains ultraviolet rays is harmful, unlike LED Light. Also, as it is very safe, there is no recovery time needed following the treatment.

How does it work?

LED therapy works by recharging the productivity of the cells within your skin. Your skin becomes more efficient at healing, repairing, detoxifying and collagen production from this process. The effects of this therapy are cumulative, and it can continue to benefit you for months after the treatment. Simply put, it targets the root of the problem instead of brushing it from the surface. Red LED Light or Near Infrared light penetrates your skin the deepest, recharging and rejuvenating your skin. By boosting the energy in your skin cells, your skin cells can do more housework it needs to do to become the healthiest. The lack of power is why, as people age, many health issues may arise because the cells have slowed down in production or lack the energy to do so.

Where can you do LED Light Therapy?

LED Light Therapy can take place at a professional office or can be done at home with our advancement in technology. In a professional setting, the session may last 20 minutes, and it is recommended that the individual do at least ten sessions. This often requires booking, and the individual may need to return periodically for maintenance sessions. LED Light Therapy can also be available at home using a personal device. This is more convenient and flexible than visiting a professional office, and it can be much cheaper too. When using your own LED Light Therapy device, it is essential to follow the manufacturer’s instructions and read the cautions and warnings before use. There is no specific area that this therapy needs to be applied to, so it is suitable to use on any part of the body.

Risks and Side Effects

Although LED Light Therapy is comparatively safer than other therapies or treatments, everyone is different, which is why some risk or side effect may affect you but not others. One instance is that if you are currently using Accutane for your acne problem, it is advised that you do not use this therapy as this drug increases your sensitivity to light. This increase in sensitivity may cause scaring where, under normal circumstances, it would not. LED Light Therapy may also cause side effects, including inflammation, redness, rash, pain, tenderness, and hives. Please consult your doctor if you are unsure about your skin condition before using LED Light Therapy.

Skincare – better than ever with LED

Ultimately, LED Light Therapy is an advancement in technology you should use. It is non-invasive, relatively safe and can be done at home. If you suffer from skin conditions such as acne, why not give this therapy a try? You can check how to use a personal LED Light Therapy device on our YouTube channel.

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10 days ago

I’ve been using LED light therapy for over 10 years now and my skin is amazing! I suffered from cystic acne and LED was the only treatment that cured the redness and inflammation.
Couldn’t recommend it enough!

9 days ago

Absolutely love my LED light therapy machine purchased from Dermatec along with their skincare range my skin feels amazing. I also use the LED light therapy machine on my eczema that I have on my hands, this helps so much on my eczema with great improvement. Very happy.

Audrey Lane
Audrey Lane
9 days ago

My Dermatec LED portable light therapy device is the best purchase that I have invested in when it comes to skincare.
I have been using it since May this year and can see a big improvement to my face especially around my jawline and neck (jowls). My friends have noticed saying that my skin looks fresher and smoother as well. As a woman in her late 50’s it has given me a big boast to my self esteem. I can highly recommend this wonderful device and it’s easy to use anywhere, anytime.

8 days ago

II’ve been using the LED since I suffered a bad face graze from being dumped in the surf. Within 6 days of using LED it was like the accident had never happened. Amazing results.
As a 60 year old male skincare had not been a high priority of mine. But after seeing the healing power of LED I use the machine on a daily basis. Very happy with the results.

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