How to look after dry skin caused by handwashing and sanitiser

How to look after dry skin caused by handwashing and sanitiser

Washing your hands and keeping them sanitised is now more critical than ever, as with the recent outbreak of CONVID-19, washing hands is one of the most effective ways to prevent the spread of infection. However, over-washing your hands with soap and using sanitiser may leave your skin feeling dry and irritated. Irritated skin is more vulnerable to cracks and may cause bleeding, which makes the skin more permeable to infection. Here’s how you can look after your skin after washing your hands. Look after dry skin caused by handwashing and sanitiser today!

What does overwashing and over sanitising your hands do?

Although soap may wash away the germs and dirt on your hands, it also removes the protective, natural oil in your skin, causing your hands to feel dry. Hand sanitisers can kill microbes without removing the protective, natural oil. However, they can not remove all the germs and can not remove food residue. Ultimately, washing your hands if you can is the better option to prevent the spread of infection.

Natural Skin Moisturiser

Use a non-irritating soap or hand wash

Plant-based soap or hand wash is less irritating than regular soaps and is more beneficial for the protective, natural oil in your skin too. Some hand washes come with moisturising benefits also, so using them would help combat against dry or irritated skin. You may worry that these soaps will not be as effective as regular soaps and hand wash, however, this is not true. Natural plant-based soap or hand wash are known for their effectiveness without compromise, making them the better choice.

Use natural skin moisturisers

Another way to combat skin irritations and dryness of skin from overwashing your hands is to use skin moisturisers. Pure Australian beeswax is soothing, nourishing and can provide your skin with a protective layer, keeping the moisture in your skin. Beeswax does not ‘suffocate’ your skin, and it won’t cause clogs, making it perfect for combating against dry or irritated skin. The natural properties of beeswax absorb water molecules which help hydrate your skin – making it my number one solution for dry skin.

Getting dry or irritated skin from overwashing your hand does not mean you should stop. Keeping your hands moisturised and protected should be your priority, as the recent outbreak of CONVID-19 is highly contagious. Using plant-based soaps or hand washes and natural Australian beeswax moisturisers is the number one method to stay protected and combat against dry, irritated skin. How to look after dry skin caused by handwashing and sanitiser? Try using our natural skin moisturisers!

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