How to keep your home eco-friendly clean during COVID19

How to keep your home eco-friendly clean during COVID19

Cleaning your home can be mundane and tiring – but during this time of COVID19, it is more important than ever that your home is safe from coronavirus. Everyone now knows personal precautionary measures including self-isolation, regular hand washing and good hygiene – but you may find these tips to keep your home eco-friendly cleaned. So, how to keep your home eco-friendly clean during COVID19?

Having a regular friendly cleaning routine for people going outside

When possible, stay at home. If there’s a necessity to go out for grocery shopping or work, it’s essential to have a cleaning routine to keep your home protected. After going back home, leave and take off your shoes at the front door. We recommend that you take off your outer jacket or coat as well and hang it at the front door. After that, we recommend you to thoroughly wash your hands before taking a shower and get changed into clean, washed clothes. This way, you can keep you and your household members safe and protected against coronavirus. Are your hands dry from overwashing? Check out how to stay protected against dry and irritated hands here.

Wipe down things brought into the house

Coronavirus is known to stick onto other things such as plastic and stainless-steel surfaces, so any grocery shopping you bring into the home is recommended to be sanitised before taking it inside. Fresh produce such as fruits and vegetables need to be washed, and other items should be wiped down with detergent or soapy water. Detergents break down layers of dirt and dust which allow disinfectants to work. These procedures may seem excessive or over the top – but as we cannot see the virus, it is better to take extra precautions.

Heavily touched surfaces need to be constantly sanitised

Surfaces such as doorknobs, switches and mobile phones should be wiped twice daily. Coronavirus is commonly transferred by hand-to-face touching, which is why surfaces we regularly touch should be continuously sanitised. Other surfaces such as kitchen table or bench-tops should also be wiped down at least twice a day with detergent or with products that have above 70% alcohol content. People are usually unaware that they are touching their face – so by wiping down heavily touched surfaces, you can reduce the chance of infection.

Cleaning and Disinfecting

To stay fully protected from coronavirus, you need to clean and disinfect points of contact. Cleaning refers to the removal of germs, impurities and dirt from surfaces. This process does not kill any germs but remove some and helps reduce the risk of infection. After cleaning, you should disinfect – which kills the germs and further lower the risk of infection. Cleaning helps the disinfection process, so using detergent followed with sanitisers is the optimal way to keep your house clean.

Spend more time cleaning

With all the extra time on your hands, why not ‘really’ clean your household? Instead of the usual routine and cleaning the exposed surfaces, look at hard to reach places and places you usually don’t clean. Places like under the couch, under the bed, can be filthy – take this chance and give it a good clean! It can be a great family bonding moment too! Getting your kids to help and teaching them how to clean is very beneficial for their growth. Make sure to wear gloves and a mask when cleaning!

Keeping your house clean is very important during these times of the coronavirus outbreak. With these small tricks listed above, you can safely protect yourself and your household members against coronavirus. It can be a fun thing too! Keep your home eco-friendly clean during COVID19 with these few steps.

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Cheryl Hughes
Cheryl Hughes
1 month ago

Sound advice, thank you.
Please advise of any “natural/eco” based sanitisers and disinfectants that are TGA certified “antiviral” products.
I can’t seem to find any that have this TGA listing.

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