How to Bring Nature into Your Home

How to Bring Nature into Your Home

I found a way to bring Australia’s refreshing eucalyptus scent right into my home. It’s like a scented candle, but it can keep your home clean too! Not only did it lift the spirits of every house member, but it’s also eco-friendly and inviting. How to Bring Nature into Your Home – I’ve done just that.

I wanted something natural, something organic, something that didn’t smell like chlorine or bleach. After searching for natural cleaning products, I came across the brand Koala Eco. As a new mother, I didn’t wish for my child to interact with harmful chemicals found in most conventional cleaning products at such a young age. I decided to give the glass cleaner from Koala Eco a try, hoping it will provide a bit more spark to my windows and glass cabinets.

It was AMAZING. Not only was it powerful, but it was also long-lasting too! We have a glass sliding door to the balcony – I ran into it so many times because of how clear it was! The natural peppermint smell from the cleaner was also very refreshing. You could not imagine how happy I was at this point.

After such an enjoyable experience with the glass cleaner (my family loved it too), I decided to give Koala Eco’s other products a try, so I bought the complete cleaning collection including:

  1. Bathroom cleaner
  2. Kitchen cleaner
  3. Dish soap
  4. Glass Cleaner
  5. Floor Cleaner
  6. Hand Wash

Six amazing products for any household, these natural cleaning products made my home just like the Australian outback. No, we are in the Australian outback. My spirits have never been higher, and it even made me enjoy doing the dishes! Koala Eco is also eco-friendly, as they use 100% recycled plastic for packaging their products, making me glad I randomly found them on that day.

I hope you’ll enjoy them as much as I did.

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