Effects of Monoatomic Elements


Effects of Monoatomic Elements

Minerals have been essential in humans’ life for thousands of years. They play a crucial role in the proper functioning of our body (physical, mental and spiritual). Minerals are chemical elements that are present in the Earth’s crust. Plants then absorb these elements through the soil. These Monoatomic Elements then make way into our body through plants and animals we consume. 

Role of minerals

The primary purpose of minerals in our body is to maintain immune system health, providing energy to the body by exchanging electrons in biological processes, transmitting nerve impulses, make hormones and perform several other functions. Minerals are also responsible for converting the consumed food into energy which is then transported to the whole body.

Minerals help our body to absorb and consume vitamins. They made multiple parts of our body, including hair, nails, teeth, bones and several other components. Minerals act as a catalyst in chemical processes in our body. While our body can produce vitamins, the body can’t make minerals. We have to get them through food or dietary supplements. 

Minerals also have a pH or alkaline balancing effect on our body. They protect our bodies against acids which cause ageing, degradation of body, cardiovascular problems and other body deterioration phenomena. Only a proper amount of minerals in our body can ensure a healthy immune system which keeps us healthy. We are talking about the standard form of minerals.

This is where it gets interesting because in this article, we are not talking about common minerals but an advanced form of minerals which can perform all these functions in an excellent way as compared to common minerals. There has been a discovery of high spinning, monoatomic minerals that are being considered as the next level discovery in the field of physics, biology and chemistry. It had been discovered thousands of years ago by ancient alchemists, and we have just rediscovered it. These precious minerals include palladium, copper, gold, platinum, iridium, rhodium and few other elements.


Ancient history

In ancient times, an elite and privileged class including priests and pharaohs used to ingest these minerals. Alchemists specially created it just for this privileged class. It was considered to be an anti-aging superfood. They used to ingest ORMUS to increase their mental clarity, to strengthen their awareness of life, reversing the aging process, boosting the athletic conditioning and strength, boosting sexual performance, to increase wisdom, knowledge and deep understanding of things. It was also used as mood-enhancer, anti-depressant and sleep-enhancing drug. This is the reason that monoatomic elements & spiritual practices are correlated.

Recent discovery

The rediscovery of these unique super minerals was made by David Hudson, who was a farmer from Arizona. In 1975, Hudson discovered that his soil is different than average soil and has unusual properties. He claimed that his land contained gold, iridium, platinum, aluminium, silver and iron. sent out a sample for detailed analysis of his soil. It led to the discovery of ORMUS or ORMEs.

Orbitally Rearranged Monoatomic Elements (ORMEs), also known as ORMUS or M-state material, is a natural form of particular minerals that exist naturally. This form of elements is in the monoatomic state, which means they are in single-atom form. This particular form is only found in fertile volcanic soil, deep in ocean environments and on the molecular level in plants. These are somewhat similar to fossils because Earth’s soil in deep oceans forms these after millions of years. These are very precious and rare minerals that are present in the non-metallic spin state.

Benefits of ORMUS

There are various benefits of consuming ORMUS:

  • Corrects DNA structure

ORME is by far the only natural element that can repair and restore the original DNA structure. It adjusts the DNA errors and resets its original state, thus, enhances the healing speed of injuries.

  • Improves mental abilities

ORMUS improves mental capabilities and functions. It enhances neuron transmitting capabilities more efficiently due to high spinning nature. It provides clarity, calmness, emotional soothing, clear-mindedness and heightened senses. ORMUS is a monoatomic element which is essential for enhancing the mind, spirit and body as well. It aids our body in spiritual practices and enhances cognitive abilities of the body. Being superconductors, ORMUS allow the better cell to cell energy transmission because these high spinning atoms can pass energy from one cell to others without any loss. 

  • Slows Down Ageing Process

In ancient times, ORMUS was considered to be an anti-aging superfood. It has properties that can slow down the aging process or cycle. Some claim that by using ORMUS, you would not suffer aging issues such as wrinkled skin, grey hair, weakness, body fatigue and other old age problems. It also boosts mental functions, so in old age, weak memory would not be a problem. 

  • Boosts Immunity

Our immune system is the most crucial system of our body, which protects our body against diseases. ORMUS strengthens the immune system, which is efficient in fighting against deadly diseases like cancer and AIDS. Upon regular consumption, your body will be strong enough to resist any foreign illness and infection.

akasha ormus oils


The monoatomic elements not only enhance body functions but also increases spiritual, mental and cognitive functions. The essential trace or micro mineral present in ORMUS are considered to be nourishing for cells and body to thrive. Some even claim that ORMUS has other miraculous properties as well, including the ability to claim cancer, the ability to act as flash powder, the power to emit gamma rays and even the ability to levitate. They claim that it provides so much spiritual energy that people can also levitate after consuming this super product. 

Several brands are selling ORMUS products which include Akasha Ormus. Always make sure that your product is 100% natural without any chemical additive. Also, make sure it is allergen and toxin-free. In Australia, ORMUS is advised to be only used for cosmetic or external use. In other countries, people use ORMUS as oral medicine. No matter where you buy your product from, always make sure to follow the usage instructions.

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Phoebe Leung
Phoebe Leung
2 months ago

Didn’t know the existence of this element until now :O

1 month ago

can you tell me what monatomic elements are in the soil

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