Vatéa is the combination of contemporary art that captured the fluidity and ephemeral essence of the ocean and plant of the South Pacific with Certified Organic Skincare. Their previous experience in the Arts, curating and selling contemporary and modern art exhibitions and auctions in Australia and the Middle East, inspired the design of the Vatéa and their Small World baby range. ​It is with this experience, along with curiosity and creativity, that Vatéa has been developed. They are immensely proud and excited to have developed products that are beautifully presented, scientifically considered and considerate of our environment. Utilising moringa oil, coconut oil, tamanu oil, quinoa, and other natural ingredients in their skincare range, they have unique stability, soothing and smoothing properties. Their range is dedicated towards babies and kids, as their products are free of parabens and sulphates, making them gentler and less irritable on the skin.

Vatéa (11)

Vatéa Nourishing Hand and Body Wash


Vatéa Dreamy Baby Wash


Vatéa Beautiful Body Moisturiser


Vatéa Kind Shampoo


Vatéa Organic Baby Dream Box


Vatéa Loving Baby Massage Oil


Vatéa Happy Baby Moisturiser


Vatéa Gentle Baby Balm


Vatéa Pure Body Oil


Vatéa Soothing Oil Wash


Vatéa Nurturing Conditioner

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