The Bee Doctors All Natural Moisturiser Bundle

    The Bee Doctors All Natural Moisturiser Bundle

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    The Bee Doctors 6 x 50gm Moisturiser Bundle

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    1. Skin Moisturiser  50gm - Use The Bee Doctors 100% Natural Skin Moisturiser as your everyday general all-over moisturiser, that’s great for all skin types – including sensitive skin. Use it to nourish and protect your lips and soothe bumps and bites on your skin. It’s also great as a barrier cream for babies, and for anyone who works with chemicals, paper, water or other harsh products

    2. Manuka Skin Magic  50gm - Want the best natural skincare product around? A skincare product that offers superior skin moisturiser properties? Then put the Bee Doctors Manuka Skin Magic at the top of your must-have skincare list.


    3. Stop Itch Moisturiser 50gm - RESIST THE ITCH! Every Itch Bee Doctor It! - The Bee Doctors safe and natural stop itch repellent with lemongrass is refreshing and smells great. The Bee Doctors 100% Natural Stop Itch Repellent is an amazing repellent and stop itch moisturiser.

    4. Muscle & Joint Moisturiser 50gm - Beeswax is naturally anti-inflammatory and combined with the numbing effects of juniper berry and the stimulating feeling of the eucalyptus peppermint, makes this blend a real relief for those suffering from constant pain. The beauty of this product is that you can use it as a general skin moisturiser as well as for blood bruises and tired feet etc. You don’t need to use a large amount, scrape a little on to your palm, rub until warm and smooth and apply to the inflamed area and hope to get relief within seconds.

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