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Maiden Australia Creamed Honey Large 375g

    Maiden Australia Creamed Honey Large 375g

    Maiden Australia Creamed Honey is their award-winning honey crystallised and raw combined
    So creamy yet deliciously dairy-free. The only ingredient in our creamed honey is our award-winning natural honey. We combine crystallised and raw honey and whip it to produce a creamy velvety texture. Perfect on toast, scones or just by itself.
    What makes their region unique?
    • The flora composition creates a unique taste profile*
    • A unique natural and cultural landscape owned by aboriginal landowners*
    • Their bees free from hive disease due to Australia’s unique geographical location*
    Honey and Health
    • The benefits of raw honey are numerous owing to its unique chemical and mineral composition.
    • It is said that a teaspoon of honey a day can cure coughs, smothering wounds with it can increase healing, and eating it in place of sugar can aid in weight loss.
    • Honey contains many bioactive (substances that have a biological effect) compounds. Darker variations of honey tend to be more concentrated in these compounds.
    Large 375g
    Storage Instructions:
    Creamed honey may return to liquid in hot conditions. Avoid direct sunlight. Refrigerate or store in a cool dry place.
    Best By Date:
    According to the Australia New Zealand Food Standards Code, the date marking information is not required if: the best-before date of the food is 2 years or more after the date it is determined.
    Precautionary Label:
    Not suitable for infants under 12 months.
    100% Raw Honey
    Uses: Spread or drizzle on baked goods.


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