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BuyNatural – Proudly Supporting Aussie Brands

*** Updated – 15th June 2020 ***
BuyNatural is loud and proud about being an Australian-owned business.

We are passionate about working with innovative Australian brands that are Natural, Organic & Eco Friendly. Our mission is to help these brands develop nationally and expand into various export markets. BuyNatural Proudly Supporting Aussie Brands – is our catchphrase.

We all know that buying from Australian companies benefits business. However, we sometimes lose sight of the bigger picture; that buying from Australian businesses also helps the entire nation, by enabling local innovation and investment in bright ideas and frankly some fantastic products.

As a company, BuyNatural is committed to keeping jobs and profits within Australia and takes pride in promoting and supporting other Australian-owned businesses, including Indigenous suppliers, regional and small/medium companies. You will find many iconic Australian brands at BuyNatural, as well as some lesser-known, highly innovative local brands. Just some examples include:

1. Koala Eco

Koala Eco is a New South Wales business that manufactures cleaning products that are safe, powerful, 100% plant-based, biodegradable and can kill 99.9% of germs. Koala Eco’s formulas are based on high concentrations of essential oils from native Australian plants, making them eco-friendly and ethical. Koala Eco make affordable cleaning products that are non-toxic and kind to the environment. All ingredients are locally sourced! Koala Eco products are not tested on animals and do not contain harmful chemicals or any synthetic fragrance, smelling only of great, natural essential oils. They don’t use palm oil, dyes, masking agents, synthetic perfumes, chlorine, bleach, sodium laurel sulphates & phosphates. For every bottle sold they donate a percentage to the charity One Percent for the Planet. Their bottles are made with 100% recycled and recyclable materials, so no new plastic is created with their bottles. Koala Eco offers a wide range of eco-friendly cleaners from fruit and vegetable wash, floor cleaner to glass cleaners and essential oil rooms sprays.

2. Qenda

Qenda is a Western Australian business, trusted globally for consistently providing the purest, nutrient-rich organic herbs and whole foods. Their premium ingredients are the key reason they have so many happy customers around the world. They are about changing your health, one movement at a time. Clean organic whole foods are what we all need to thrive. Selecting only the absolute best quality crops each year around the globe is an enjoyable but never-ending task for Qenda’s Chief Formulator and Procurement Officer. Sourcing the finest organically grown ingredients from select regions with the appropriate climates is paramount. Qenda then carefully test every ingredient for its organoleptic properties looking at the potency, colour, taste, texture, and smell to ensure it meets strict Qenda Standards. Their herbs are also independently batch tested by quality laboratories. Qenda never uses any artificial flavours, colours, sweeteners or preservatives in their powdered products. Their organic, vegan, non-GMO and gluten-free combination is high quality and is an excellent supplement for your health. All Qenda products are also free from pathogenic moulds, yeasts, funguses and unwanted bacteria.

3. Maiden Australia

Maiden Honey, a Queensland business sources their honey from a unique natural and cultural landscape owned by Aboriginal landowners. Their Australian Honey is free from hive disease due to Australia’s unique geographical location. Maiden Honey’s speciality honey, including chilli honey or blueberry honey, presents a unique taste profile, even amongst other Australian Honey. Maiden Honey utilises age-old beekeeping techniques, producing premium quality raw honey to bring all the natural goodness of honey to you.

4. Tri Nature

Tri Nature is 100% Australian Made & Owned – Manufactured on-site in Newcastle, New South Wales. They believe in eco-responsible with no compromise – meaning that their products are natural and plant-based, but is just as effective as other alternatives. Plant-based means it’s safe for the family, as well as an excellent choice for the skin. Tri Nature also refuses to test on animals -proudly being active supporters of the “Choose Cruelty-Free Organisation”.

5. Beetanicals

Beetanicals is the very definition of kindness – providing products that are natural, safe, effective and transparent. They are kind to the bees, the local community and our skin. Using the excellent antibacterial and nurturing benefits of beeswax, Beetanicals paired with a world expert in aromatherapy and essential oil to create their balms. Their honey includes four unique flavours, produced by bees in country Victoria.

6. Niulife

Niulife is all about coconuts! They provide 100% certified natural coconut products sourced from ethical, family-owned producers that give back to their local communities – making them the different kind of company. After inventing the DME® (Direct Micro Expelling) coconut oil press and process, it enabled local families to hand-make one of the world’s freshest virgin coconut oils without the need to leave their village and families. Utilising the ‘world’s freshest oil’, Niulife’s pure, organic extra virgin coconut oil is produced within an hour of opening their locally grown, wild-harvested coconut.

7. Ithrive Nutrition

Ithrive Nutrition is a premium range of proven practitioner-strength supplements that have been specifically formulated to help you thrive – physically and mentally. Ithrive Nutrition is formulated by experts, trusted by athletes and designed to power an active lifestyle. Whether you’re training, recovering, recharging or relaxing, there’s an iThrive product to power your lifestyle and help you reach your peak.

8. Natural Cover

Natural Cover is a Natural Skincare range influenced by their Aboriginal background. Aboriginal people used plants and natives for antiseptic and healing remedies. This tradition gave birth to the Natural Cover Range – natural skincare that utilises Aloe Vera as the main ingredient. The fragrance of Natural Cover is Frangipani, a flower that also naturally relieves inflammation and has moisturising effects. Created with only high-quality and natural ingredients, Natural Cover’s Skincare Range is the better alternative for skincare. From moisturisers to facial scrubs, their range have your whole routine covered! Natural Cover is not only made from quality ingredients but is marketed at an affordable price which is why Natural Cover is a great choice of product.

9. Thankfully Nourished

Thankfully Nourished was born of real-life experience, sourcing nutrient-rich products to help with their family’s health challenges. We all want to enjoy a healthy and well-nourished life. But sometimes life has other plans. Thankfully Nourished provide you with the best, nutrient-dense foods available, including Marine Collagen and Collagen Peptides. Their Marine Collagen and Peptides are of premium grade, and perfect for nourishing your skin. Their collagen is extracted using a natural hydrolysis process, using enzymes instead of chemicals or heat. The resulting collagen is virtually tasteless, odourless and free from impurities. Their Marine Collagen is your best choice of nourishment for healthy skin, hair and nails. Thankfully Nourished also provides Gelatin so you can supercharge your favourite smoothie recipe, add to bone broths, soups or sauces.

10. Sven’s Island

Sven’s Island is a socially responsible personal care company from New Zealand. They grow and wild harvest unique therapeutic ingredients and scientifically formulate 100% natural remedies for families to discover and enjoy the healing and protective power of nature. Sven lives on a remote island off the coast of New Zealand where he grows and hand harvests native plants with powerful therapeutic properties that end up in their natural personal care products for you to enjoy. Learning to work with Mother Nature is a no-brainer when you’re living in one of the most remote places on earth. Sven’s Island reckons if Mother Earth wanted us slathering ourselves in propylene glycol and sodium lauryl sulphates then she’d have them growing on trees by now. That’s why they decided right off the bat to only develop products that use 100% natural ingredients. By natural, they mean any substance grown or harvested from nature. If they can’t grow it, pick it or dig it up then it just isn’t going in their products.

11. Ozi Air

Ozi Air is 100% pure Australian air captured in the pristine outback of South Australia. At Ozi Air they believe everyone should have the right to access the worlds freshest air! Ozi Air products have been specially harvested to provide fresh air like no other. With every breath, you will experience the freshest air of South Australia. Many studies have shown the importance of ventilation and fresh air in the workplace. Clean, fresh air has been shown to reduce sick building syndrome and people taking days off for illness. Clean, fresh, air may also have other health benefits including immune boost, reduce illnesses and an overall health boost. They are 100% committed to providing you with the very best of breathing air you can buy, so why not give it a try!

BuyNatural is proud to be an Australian-owned company, and are passionate about giving back to this great land through awarding brand sponsorships. Each year, BuyNatural selects several Australian Natural, Organic or Eco-Friendly brands – with a preference for smaller, emerging brands and works with them completely free. We provide a free 12-month subscription to BuyNatural AU platform and provide free search marketing (SEM), content and social media marketing – to build awareness, brand position and ultimately sales. We love being able to make a difference and changing the lives of everyday Australians; both our customers getting great products and our merchants who see their business grow.

While supporting Australian businesses generates new jobs and opportunities, it can also have a more significant impact. By buying from Australian companies, you are encouraging innovation and investment all around this great country. That is something we can all be proud of – If you want to get involved in support, some fantastic Aussie brands then take a look through our products and join us in our Facebook BuyNatural Community.

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