We bring the buying power back
to everyday Aussies

Buying groups are a great way to benefit their members, both socially and financially as well as support Aussie brands.

Buying groups are a great way for you, your family, friends, business, or community group to shop our range of products in the most affordable and sustainable way.

What are buying groups?

Buying groups are a community of people who get together to combine their buying power for good. Various forms of buying groups exist, ranging from a small group of family and friends to larger buying groups that are run by members to support regional communities.

BuyNatural started with a vision of connecting consumers to great Australian brands – driven by quality, taste & fairness. We have now built amazing partnerships with a number of buying groups around Australia, we call them our champions as they show real support for our Australian sellers and appreciate the hard work that has gone into developing high-quality, wholesome, tasty foods with an eye to reducing packaging and plastic.

What are the benefits of joining or starting a buying group?

  • Access to affordable high-quality natural, organic and eco-friendly products; from food to health products – shop over 4000 products and our buying groups enjoy super discounts, often inclusive of shipping to the member’s door.
  • Experience a sense of community that comes from working together whilst sharing the joy of real food!
  • Buying in bulk reduces waste and costs
  • Combined shipping of multiple orders reduces carbon emissions and freight costs
  • You will be purchasing from a business with ethical values

I’m interested, but have more questions!

Visit the Help Center and read the section on buying groups for more information before signing up.

Anyone can start a buying group. Are you ready to start?

1. Simply send us an email at: [email protected] expressing interest in joining our program.
2. We’ll get back to you within 12 to 18 hours with a password in order for you to start
3. You will be assigned a unique code to be used by your group and this entitles you to wholesale and promotional pricing.
4. Each wholesale order you place needs to be at a minimum of $500 (ex. GST & Shipping) or you can use your unique code to purchase smaller qualities.
5. Payment can be made by Credit Card, Pay Pal or even AfterPay
6.  Allow 3-5 days to receive your goods (depending on where you are located in Australia!)
7. When the order arrives let your members know it came from BuyNatural and how it is supporting amazing Australian businesses.

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