4 MAIN Signs That You Might Be Lactose Intolerant

on May 16, 2019

Lactose Intolerance is a food intolerance caused by an inability to digest and break down lactose, which is the main sugar derived from milk and dairy products. Most milk allergies come from children but unlike most milk allergies, which involves an allergic reaction like swelling, wheezing and hives to a certain protein in milk and happens after ingesting any amount of milk. lactose intolerance is due to not having enough lactase to break down the lactose sugars in dairy and milk, symptoms are related to the amount of lactose you ingest. 

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Here are the MAIN 4 Signs, that show you might be lactose intolerant: 

1. Developing symptoms of abdominal discomfort, bloating, and in bad case's, even vomiting, half an hour to 2 hours after consuming foods containing lactose sugars, such as milk. 

2. Gaining the need to release gas after eating foods containing lactose. 

3. Lactose-containing foods give you diarrhoea. 

4. The Symptoms start the clear up and disappear after removing lactose from your diet for 2 weeks. 

Keep in mind that milk and other dairy foods are an essential source of calcium, which is important for the health of your bones, this is why Lacteeze made a solution.

Lacteeze came up with a solution to prevent you from getting these symptoms when consuming dairy. Simply take one tablet, 15 mins before digesting any dairy products. 

Interesting in purchasing Lacteeze? BuyNatural stock it Here. For more information on this product feel free to contact our BuyNatural team at info@buynatural.com.au.



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