Benefits of Using Natural Lip Balms

Benefits of Using Natural Lip Balms

In present times, lip balms need no introduction. Lip balms are primarily used for moisturising lips. The outer layer of the lips is thin and sensitive, which makes it susceptible to being affected by certain weather conditions like dryness in air, coldness, heat, sunlight exposure, and wind etc. As a result, they take away moisture from the lips and make them dry and dull. Lip balms safeguard the lips by soothing the dried or chapped lips, giving them moisturising and making them soft and luscious. So when it comes to lip balms, should you choose natural ones or synthetic ones?

Types of lip balms

Now there are two kinds of lip balms in the market. Natural/organic ones and synthetic/inorganic ones. Natural lip balms give you more benefits and have no harm as compared to the synthetic ones, which could genuinely prove to be harmful and damaging. Synthetic lip balms have several elements in them like certain chemicals, manufactured waxes, artificial skin softeners, alcohol, pesticides or plenty of other inorganic ingredients that do you more harm than good. Moreover, it is best for you to not apply products on your skin and lips that have unnatural and artificial colours and flavours. Using the products as natural as possible onto your skin is the key to have great looking skin.

Besides, natural lip balms have just a small number of ingredients in them that helps you quickly figure out what stuff you are applying on your skin. You can also get an idea if it is going to give you benefit or harm. Keep it in mind that lip balm is not just something you are just going to apply on your lips and it will be absorbed. Whenever you drink or eat something, a small amount of applied balm is going to be consumed as well. So it is better to use the natural ingredients that won’t give you harm internally or externally. Therefore, be gentle towards yourself and choose something that has better consequences. 

Benefits of Using Natural Lip Balms 

Advance Rapid Healing

According to multiple pieces of research, our skin heals real quick when we hydrate or moisturise it. In the case of lips, natural lip balm can heal the chapped and rough lips more efficiently. The natural ingredients are better for absorbing in the skin. Also, it repairs damage caused by sunlight exposure and other weather conditions. The natural ingredients present in it has profound and long-lasting benefits that make the lips healthy and beautiful. 

Chemical Free

Natural lip balm works wonder for the lips as it does not contain any chemical and synthetic substance in them. On the other hand, the chemical-based products contain ingredients such as manufactured waxes, artificial skin softeners, alcohol, pesticides or other inorganic ingredients that can be damaging for the health of your lips. Typical synthetic lip balms might also have artificial colours and fragrance. However, Natural lip balms precisely use natural ingredients such as beeswax, Vitamin C, Vitamin E, cocoa butter, shea butter and other herbal essences that not only provide moisture but also give natural colour and softness. 


Natural lip balms significantly have advantages that go beyond just making the lips smoother and moisturised. They give you long-lasting protection against several circumstances like dryness in air, coldness, heat, sunlight exposure, and wind etc. It also gives you protection against several infections. It makes an outer protective layer on the lips that prevents cracks and flaky formation of skin on lips. 

Safer to use

Natural lip balms are way safer and secure to use. Because one thing you are sure of is that you are not applying any harmful chemical which will damage your skin or enter your body and cause any distress for you. 


Anything you use on your lips should be delicious without having synthetic and harsh ingredients in it. Natural lip balms do have this for you! They have organic flavours that don’t cause any health risk for you. In the meantime, they are also naturally scented and have a pleasing odour. 

Maintain the Natural Color of Lips

Multiple factors can cause discolouration to lips, including exposure to sunlight, excessive use of lipsticks and synthetic lip balms, and smoking etc. One of the perks of using natural lip balms is that they not only retain the natural pink colour of lips but also help in removing the previously caused discolouration. Some natural lip balms also have shades of pink to give you an instant pink looking lips.

Natural products are cruelty-free

Typical synthetic lip balms use animals in the manufacturing process, like using ingredients that are processed and gained from animals and testing products on to them. But natural lip balms manufacturers aimed to make cruelty free products which have not been tested or derived from animals. So, if you are an animal lover or own a pet, then it also serves as a plus point for you. 


Synthetic lip balms contain petroleum-based ingredients in it, which are obtained by drilling into the earth. Furthermore, in the manufacturing process, several by-products are produced that are responsible for some damage to the environment. In contrast, natural lip balms are safe for made from organic ingredients which are obtained from nature. It is ensured that they contain pure natural ingredients that do not hurt the environment. Using this, you can give a service to both your body and your planet! 


Always make sure to choose natural products for your skin regime. Your lips are the beauty of your face, so you should be extra careful in choosing lip products. Sven’s Island is one of the leading brands in personal skincare products, which is based in New Zealand. They are producing entirely natural, organic and eco-friendly products. Their products are made with 100 % natural ingredients and are safe for daily use. Sven’s Island Medi-Salve Lip Balm is Anti-bacterial, anti-viral and its properties kill up to 99.9% of germs while protecting and hydrating your lips from cold sores and is also 100% edible!

At Sven’s Island, they grow and harvest their ingredients on a remote island near the coast of New Zealand. All the ingredients are harvested in a controlled environment, and the products are scientifically formulated. They have an excellent range of organic and natural skincare products, which have a pleasant and feel-good effect. 

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