Benefits of Honey in Soap

Benefits of Honey in Soap

Honey is not only a natural sweetener but also do miracles for the skin. Honey is produced with the combination of live bacteria and enzyme activity which gives it magical healing powers. It is a natural anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial agent, which makes it the choice for topical use. Therefore, it is widely used for healing wounds, treating burn scars, clearing acne, as well as several other skin applications. Honey can be used in raw form, or it can be added as an ingredient in skincare products or soap.

In recent years, all major skincare and cosmetic products have honey as their main ingredient. Honey lotions, lip balms, skin moisturisers, honey soaps, face wash and several other products are standard these days. Using honey for the skin is a great idea, and if it is the honey soap, which you use multiple times a day, then it is the best.

Benefits of using honey-infused products

There are multiple benefits of using honey soap and honey products. 

  1. Treats acne and other skin infections

    Honey is better than a whole lot of skin products when it comes to fighting acne. The potent anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties of honey will reduce the redness caused by the acne. Raw honey, when applied topically, can remove the excessive oil from the skin while opening the clogged pores. Also, it fights other skin diseases such as eczema and psoriasis, which are caused by bacteria. It kills the harmful bacteria on the skin and balances the number of bacteria.

  2. Moisturises the skin

    Honey is an excellent moisturiser, and therefore, it is used as a base ingredient in many cosmetic products. Honey can rehydrate dry skin, making it soft and radiant. The natural enzymes and emollients in honey reduce the skin dryness and keep the skin fresh even long after you have washed your face.

  3. Lightens the scars

    Applying honey products on skin can minimise the inflammation and heals your scars and other marks. The anti-septic and anti-oxidant property of honey repairs the damaged skin and speeds up the healing process. Therefore, hospitals use honey-infused products to treat burns and other wounds. 

  4. Brightens the skin

    Honey is also a natural exfoliator which removes the dead skin cells and gives a glow to the face. It brightens the skin by lightening the dark spots and provide an even tone to the skin. Using honey-infused soap for 2-3 times a day can brighten your skin in a few days.

  5. Slows down the ageing process

    Washing your face with a honey-infused soap 2-3 times a day will slow down the ageing process. The anti-oxidant properties of honey reduce the wrinkles and fine lines on your skin. It increases skin elasticity and gives you a new and fresh look.

Honey & Glow Soap


There are several honey products in the market but always make sure to buy organic and 100% natural products. Honey & Glow is an Australian brand which makes natural products from honey. They are bee-keepers from outskirts of Canberra. Their honey soap is handmade and contains premium ingredients. 

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