7 Reasons Why to Use Plant Based Natural Cleaning Products

7 Reasons Why to Use Plant Based Natural Cleaning Products

The amount of choices when choosing cleaning products is limitless and can be overwhelming. Out of all these varieties, why should you prefer natural and organic ones? Many replacements are cheaper and get the same job done, so why spend more for the same effect? Let me convince you; it’s not as simple as you think. Here are 7 Reasons Why to Use Plant Based Natural Cleaning Products.

Natural Cleaning Products

  1. All Natural, Eco Cleaners can be cheaper 
  2. Organic and natural cleaning products are usually pricier than their non-organic counterparts. However, this is due to the process and effort into making them, which means they are better in quality. With better quality, you will use less of it for the same effect – so in the long run, it’s more cost-effective to use organic and natural cleaning products!

  3. Transcends time
  4. Before the discovery of using chemicals and synthetic ingredients in our products, what did our ancestors used? Yes – organic and natural products. If our ancestors have used organic and natural products all this time, surely there’s no reason why we shouldn’t use them as well.

  5. Eco-friendly
  6. Unlike most conventional products, organic and natural cleaning products are safe for the environment – meaning that you can use them without worry. Most standardised products utilise petroleum-based ingredients in their production, which may make them more effective in the short run. However, for a longer-lasting effect and more environmentally friendly, organic and natural cleaning products are the way to go.

  7. Less risk
  8. Cheaper products manufactured using synthetic materials have many drawbacks, one of them being harmful to your skin. Conventional cleaning product often contains toxic chemicals, which can have devastating effects on your skin if prolonged use. You will need to use protective clothing to protect your eyes, hands and nose. However, natural and organic cleaning products utilised plant-based ingredients, which are safe and gentle for your skin and body.

  9. It’s just as effective
  10. Natural and organic cleaning products are just as effective as their counterparts, so why would you choose the harmful variation? Not only that, but non-organic products will also usually have a shorter shelf-life because of the synthetic materials used in making them. These materials can easily break down, making organic and natural products the better choice.

  11. Better Air Quality
  12. The stench of strong chemical odours is overwhelming, which is evident in most cleaning products. Natural cleaning products utilise the pleasant and refreshing scents of mother nature, making them better for the environment and kinder for your nose!

  13. Australia Essential Oils
  14. Another element of natural and organic cleaning products is
    Essential Oils. Essential Oils are natural and organic compounds extracted from leaves of plants, roots and flowers. Australia’s Essential Oils is great for getting away from stress and feeling great. It offers many benefits such as assisting sleep, helping us breathe, improve focus, increase vitality and combatting pressure.

Here are 7 Reasons why to Use Plant Based Natural Cleaning Product and why I think organic and natural cleaning products triumphs over synthetic and conventional cleaning products. When choosing products, why not choose the natural way?

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