10 Australian Natural Skincare Brands

10 Australian Natural Skincare Brands

*** Updated – 3rd August 2020 ***
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We thought that you would love to know more about Australian Natural Skincare Brands, so we have included four extra brands – just for you!

Skincare is one of the most sought-after commodities in this century, ranging from well-known brands such as KORA Organics to smaller, less established brands such as Ku: My Skin. With this wide range of skincare products, the big question is, why natural skincare? Natural beauty products focus on the nourishing and healing effects of mother nature, making them gentle on your skin and body. They don’t use harsh and toxic ingredients that negatively impact your skin and health, helping you to have more healthy and beautiful looking skin naturally. Most natural skincare products are vegan, cruelty-free, natural, organic and safe – making them beneficial for you and the planet.

Below are some fantastic and Australian natural skincare brands that centralise affordability and sustainability without compromising it with effectiveness, making them some of the best skincare the world has to offer.

  1. Ku: My skin

    Ku: My skin, established in 2019, is a new and young Australian brand that provides natural and organic facial masks. With a unique and powerful formula, Ku: My skin uses the latest technology and advanced ingredients to produce their masks. Their masks include hyaluronic acid with collagen, acai berry, and black quinoa which helps reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, allowing you to have beautiful and healthier-looking skin. Ku: My skin also believes that we are all responsible for our planet, so they use waste-reducing techniques in creating their product. Their product and packaging are both recyclable too, making them on the frontline of world sustainability.

  2. Natural cover

    Natural Cover is a natural skincare brand born with passion and love for natural skincare. Influenced by their traditional background, Natural Cover utilises plants and natives for antiseptics and healing remedies, making it the focus point of Natural Cover. The fragrance of Natural Cover is Frangipani, a flower which naturally relieves inflammation. Natural Cover provides an extensive range of sustainable and affordable natural skincare products, including facial moisturiser, age-defying eye treatment, clay mask, lip balm. We love this Australian Natural Skincare Brand!

  3. Clémence Organics

    The product of over a decade of knowledge and experience, Clémence Organics isn’t about marketing hype or ingredients that claim to improve your skin but instead bombard it with harmful chemicals. It’s about using naturopathic principles to create nourishing, non-toxic skincare, plus a commitment to the planet’s health. This is done through recyclable packaging and ingredients which are not harmful to the environment.  The role that skincare plays in health may seem small and insignificant for some. However, when the body absorbs around 80% of what we put on it, they don’t feel we can take it too lightly. For themselves, having full confidence in what they put on their skin (and therefore in their body) makes them feel that they have at least taken control of that aspect of their health. They believe you should expect more from what you put on your skin. They also believe that it’s time to evolve to healthy, yet powerfully effective skincare. If beauty is important to you, if your health is important to you, if the environment is important to you, then Clémence Organics is for you. 

  4. Jurlique

    Jurlique was born in the unspoiled hills of South Australia. They use their in-depth knowledge of botany and biochemistry to find the secret healing powers of nature to cultivate their skincare collection that promotes radiant, healthy-looking skin. Their dream is to connect people back to mother nature, creating high performing natural skincare collections that are also safe on the soil. Jurlique supports proper farming techniques, protecting nature’s wonders for future generations.

  5. Sukin

    Sukin started in Melbourne 2007, always committing to providing an extensive range of low prices, natural, vegan, and earth-friendly products. Sukin believes that “everything we need to nourish our bodies can be found in nature”, so their products are effective, cruelty-free and vegan. Also, Sukin uses Phenoxyethanol as a preservative system in the majority of their products to ensure their products are 100% safe and doesn’t allow bacteria inhabitation. Sukin can provide care both to you, your family, and our environment without any compromises.

  6. KORA Organics

    If you know Miranda Kerr, Victoria’s Secret Angel, you should know her natural and organic skincare brand, KORA Organics. KORA Organics created by Australian-born model Miranda Kerr provides a broad range of products that are gentle to the skin and safe on the planet. KORA Organics promises that they are vegan, natural, cruelty-free and animal-testing free. With all-natural ingredients such as rosehip oil, green tea, essential oils, and aloe vera, KORA Organics offer a healthier alternative of skincare to females. Nourish the mind, body, and skin naturally and sustainably with KORA Organics. KORA Organics is a frontrunner of Australian Natural Skincare Brands.

  7. GAIA Skin

    If you have sensitive skin, I recommend you this Australia brand – GAIA Skin. GAIA Skin commits to provide high quality, affordable, natural, and sustainable beauty products. They use naturally driven ingredients such as organic calendula extract, organic avocado oil, wheat germ oil, and organic chamomile extract. They pride themselves with “clean and green” products that are easy to purchase and nourishing on sensitive skin.

  8. Natural Instinct

    Natural Instinct has over a decade worth of experience in bringing natural beauty products to Australian homes and family. They believe that everyone should enjoy organic and natural skin and hair care. With their powerful formulation, including finest plant-based ingredients, certified organic extracts, and pure essential oils, Natural Instinct offers Australian natural beauty products of high quality. Without the harsh and toxic chemicals, artificial colours and silicones, Natural Instinct promises to provide you and your family the best results that are equally down to the earth.

  9. Dollar Hippy Club

    With the motto, “I love the planet, I love myself”, Dollar Hippy Club not only decides to make natural and efficacious beauty products that perfectly fit into your daily routine but also have no negative impacts on our planet. Dollar Hippy Club uses 100% natural, non-toxic, and chemical-free ingredients, and all their products are handcrafted and made by sustainable recycle packaging. Dollar Hippy Club would bring you and your family natural skincare that is safe, gentle, and perfect for every day.

  10. The JOJOBA Company

    JOJOBA is passionate about the jojoba plant and what its fruit, a prized delicate little bean, can do. The jojoba plant is the only plant on our planet that produces a wax similar to that found in young, healthy human skin. JOJOBA is Australian made and owned, with the promises of good for you, good for the earth, all-natural and organic that help to nourish, balance, and regenerate the skin.

  11. Ageless Flawless Skin Naturally

    Ageless Flawless Skin Naturally by nature is passionate about all things that are Pure and Natural in our everyday living: the food we eat and the clothing we wear. Growing up in a country where cleanliness and freshness were almost obsessional, Ageless Flawless Skin Naturally created their own line of skincare focusing on Purity, Natural and Perfection. They were unsatisfied with various skincare products they were trying and due to their ineffectiveness or being too expensive or having too many harmful chemicals in them or all of the above, they tried to make their own with the best ingredients they could find – without adding toxic chemicals – giving birth to Ageless Flawless Skin Naturally.

  12. Sven’s Island

    Sven’s Island is a socially responsible personal care company from New Zealand. They grow and wild harvest unique therapeutic ingredients and scientifically formulate 100% natural remedies for families to discover and enjoy the healing and protective power of nature. Sven lives on a remote island off the coast of New Zealand where he grows and hand harvests native plants with powerful therapeutic properties that end up in their natural personal care products for you to enjoy. Learning to work with Mother Nature is a no-brainer when you’re living in one of the most remote places on earth. Sven’s Island reckons if Mother Earth wanted us slathering ourselves in propylene glycol and sodium lauryl sulphates then she’d have them growing on trees by now. That’s why they decided right off the bat to only develop products that use 100% natural ingredients. By natural, they mean any substance grown or harvested from nature. If they can’t grow it, pick it or dig it up then it just isn’t going in their products.

  13. Mind My Skin

    Mind My Skin is a company that cares deeply about your skin and what you use on it. They believe when people nurture their mind and body they are in a healthier state. They have focused exclusively on offering a complete line of natural skincare products to treat multiple skin types and conditions to create ultimate results. Mind My Skin products are different from most skin care products. Their products have been specifically created with natural ingredients and the advancement of Biotechnology to regulate the skin to a healthier condition. They are 100% Made in Australia, scientifically proven to soothe, clean, renew, repair, and nourish your skin and scientifically developed and supported with clinical data that can protect your skin against pollution, dust, allogenic substances, pathogens, and other unwanted intruders. Made of the finest, safest ingredients with a scientifically-proven approach to healthy skin therapy, Mind My Skin is one of the leading Australian Natural Skincare brands.

  14. Dermatec Skincare

    Dermatec Skincare was born from the need for an affordable and convenient way of having regular LED light therapy. LED light therapy has improved their skin and given them more confidence, so they want to help others experience the same benefits. Their range also offers other natural skincare products that are plant-based and made from Australian Essential Oils. Australian Essential Oils have beautiful fragrances and hydrating, balancing properties. Their skincare range help moisturise your skin with ingredients that have anti-inflammatory and anti-fungal properties. Many of their ingredients are natural antioxidants, protecting the skin from free radical damage and premature ageing.


So why natural skincare? Not only is natural skincare made using natural, vegan, eco-friendly ingredients that are positive to your skin and health, but these products also contain abundant essential vitamins, botanicals, and minerals that effectively heal and restore our skin. They won’t harm your skin, body, or our planet as well. So, if you care about your skin and our environment, check out these lovely Australian Natural Skincare Brands! Find out more about Natural Skin Care Therapy.

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